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Can I be charged for resisting arrest?
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Can I be charged for resisting arrest?

If I am not being arrested?

Lets say I get pulled over and the cop goes back to his car to write a ticket and I begin to resist arrest in my car then stop when he comes back.


If you're being arrested for resisting in your car then that arrest can be resisted, unless you're already arrested outside of your car for resisting on the original arrest. But, if you're not being arrested for resisting on the 2nd arrest then you have to be resisted for the arrest that you were original resisting on. I hope this clears this all up.


Yes and killed.

Smart move you drive off and he has your driver license and your plate number. maybe they could say your were attemting to flee...

BP Agent
LMAO wow. How do you do that?

It would depend on the cop and the manner in which you are resisting.

bill l

eatonwrite aka dryBri
You can be charged with anything they want.

getting convicted is a whole 'nother story.,

It depends, what are you resisting if you're not being arrested? And if you stop resisting, then you can't be charged with resisting, I would think you can only be charged with "kinda resisting", but I don't know how much that charge would hold up.

Deep T
My understanding of this law is, anytime you are detained by an officer, you should consider yourself under arrest. So ANY resistance would most likely result in you being charged.

No but you can be send to a mental istitution for evaluation.

try this http://www.theslant.com/soapbox/articles/sea_rights.html

If he isnt near you, what are you resisting? Your question makes no sense at all. Where do you come up with these ridiculous questions. You must sit there all day thinking these up.

Cops can pretty much arrest you for looking the wrong way.

you would have to drive off for that to happen in which case theyd also charge you with fleeing and eluding

Dina D
You're a moron. Sitting in your car while he writes a ticket in his car is not resisting arrest.

ahhhhh yeaaaaaahhh

Dave T
Resisting arrest in your car by driving off, that's the only way I could think of. I guess you could resist arrect just by sitting there and keeping your mouth shut, that way he won't have any reason to arrest you, therefore not arresting you.

theres a retard at every intersection

Avalon von Aldaran
I don't know about that but why don't you come over and I can put you in my hand cuffs so i can strip search you?

Nah, the cop already saw you have no teef (teeth, for those of you who don't get it) so he's gonna make you perform 'favors' on him instead.

You answered your own question. If you're not being arrested, how can you resist? Maybe I'm not understanding the question.

If you get pulled over and then drive away, that's resisting arrest. You can't resist arrest in your car while the cop is writing a ticket. When he comes back to give you the ticket, if you verbally and/or physically abuse the officer, you would be resisting arrest. All arrest means is to stop. So if he stops you for a traffic violation, technically you're being arrested, be it only temporarily.

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