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Can I get a gun license with a mental illness history?
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Can I get a gun license with a mental illness history?

never been hospitalized but had therapy with a psychiatrist. What are the illinois restrictions?/


no you cant dude. im sorry but here in texas if your mentally ill you are not even aloud to enter a gun shop else you get a fine upto $60

I'd like a gun, then i'd be able to hold up drug dealers and take their money.

What kind of mental illness?

Funky Farmer
I expect you can LOL After all he rest of the gun owning population got theirs

Jennifer H
I own several firearms and all I can say is God, I hope not.

If you don't report it, they would never know. However, there are reasons they want to restrict this. *Most* mental illness falls into two categories. Either something along the depressive spectrum, or something along the psychotic/anti-social spectrum. People on the depressive side are more likely to attempt and succeed at suicide if they have a gun. On the other side of that fence, they are more likely to harm or kill someone with a gun.

So...what is your motivation for wanting a gun and what was your reason for needing therapy?

No . but you can get a gun. go for it. Colleges are prim e spot to check it out

it is illegal only if you have been a patient of a mental hospital in the past 5 years.. or if you are mentally retarded.

no-one important
I guess you could but why would you need a gun in the first place?

Heh, if they give you a gun Im staying well away!

Have no idea what their restrictions are but definitely you should not be able to get a license for a firearm.

Jess :)
i want a gun! besides surely having a mental illness history means that the news men can make loads of money if you terrorise the community.

im sure you either can or cant get a gun. i dont know.

If you were never hospitalized then there should be no history of mental illness.

i dnt think u vill but still it depends on till vat excess u have recovered...

do you have a criminal record?

Try traveling to Texas and buy a machine gun.

ben s
look get the gun first, then if it becomes an issue you can always throw the gun in the river and make a quick run for it...

Or you can do the next best thing.. Get Married..

And you need a gun for what again?

obviously not from texas. therapists in texas are required to issue you a six pack and a firearm as treatment.

Umm.. if you have a criminal record .. its not a good idea anyway

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