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Can I post date a check at walmart on wednesday afternoon for friday because i dont get paid til 12am friday?
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Can I post date a check at walmart on wednesday afternoon for friday because i dont get paid til 12am friday?

yeah i know its probably stupid but i need groceries and dont my paycheck isnt direct deposited until friday morning. cant i post date a check for friday on wednesday and use it to buy food at walmart or should i wait til thursday to be safe?
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those of you who say walmart does checks like debit cars and its immediate.. i have heard that for a while but it is absolutely not true. EVERY week just about i write a check at walmart earlier in the week and it doesnt hit my account for a few days.. at least 2 no matter what the date on the check is. I know this to be absolutely fact.. at least at the 3 main walmarts i go to in Ga.. checks never ever come out immediately.. even though walmart itself says that they do.


Postdating a check is illegal and walmart does not accept them that way. Just do like normal and write it early. Even if it hits the bank before the paycheck does then you will still have coverage from the bank.
If you need groceries, do what you have to do. I deal with this weekly as well. I keep a log in my mind as to the places that hold checks for the longest time in case I get into a bind. I never post date, because no one allows itbut I am aware of which places wait to deposit the checks.
There is a wells fargo bank in my local HEB, strangest thing. I had Wells fargo, and it took a week and a half for the check to hit the bank. HEB was using a federal credit union 100 miles away from the store, so it took longer for it go through processing. These things are important to know when you need groceries, right.
Walmart especially is good at being a week out. I believe you have time if you go Wednesday afternoon. I think you can beat the check. Be aware though, that sometimes you will run across a cashier who happens to not like the way you look and will run your check through as debit. It is out of meanness of course, and she is breaking the rules, but they don't punish the cashiers for doing it, and then you have to pay all of those fees. Just go in there and pretend all is cool, and don't ask questions and act normally and it should be all good. If the check bounces and you have to go pick it up, just tell the lady that you needed groceries, you had no other choice. They will understand and they will make sure you still have check writing priveledges.
Good Luck

No. It is all automatic now, so no one cares about the date. The money is withdrawn electronically from your account the instant they run it through their scanner.

You can post date a check but the vendor nor the bank has to honor that date. The store can process the check as soon as they get it. It will likely hit your bank BEFORE the date indicated. Banks don't usually look at the date on checks.

wait, i did that once and they still cashed it

I would wait until Thursday, but just FYI it is illegal to postdate a check. If you do that and they still deposit it early, they can not be held at fault.

ive done it many times but now they do automatic debits for their checks. I know that tops near us is the only one that takes at least a week to clear. I think probably youd be safe if its only 2 days and your check is probably deposited early in the am.

you would really want to ask the manager of the shop..if he knows you he might the let you..but the cashier would not be allowed to accept it..

Miss Kitty
I don´t think any place would let you post date a check, but I could be wrong - you should call Walmart and ask them if that´s possible. If not, try grocery stores.

You should invest some time in learning how to properly balance your budget so you can avoid problems like this in the future. If you do, and you just don´t have enough money, talk to your boss - I´m sure they´ll understand the need for a raise if you run out of money to eat with.

Lake Lover
First of all, it is actually illegal to present a check when you know there are insufficient funds on deposit to cover that check. Of course we all know friends do friends favours all the time.
Secondly, the bank can process a check which is postdated and has no liability by so doing. If it bounces you get slapped with overdraft fees. If the check is presented for payment, 90 days after the date on the check, and somehow it gets thru the bank proof department, I believe the person who wrote the check can refuse it when the bank debts their account. That used to be the case--not 100% sure if it still holds.
Finally, please, tighten up on your budget for just a couple months. Don't buy any impulse items. Once you get a little bit ahead of your expenses, you will feel real good about it!! Good luck!

You can post date it, but it won't make any difference. The store won't hold it for you. The store will run the check as per their usual procedures. No one cares what the date on the check is. You should probably wait until the money is in your account.

Sure you can do that, But remember when you give that check to someone that means you are giving to them for payment.

Which means they can cash it no matter what date is on the check. There is no law about dating a check.

Then you end up with an overdraft and have to pay for that. If the store wants to be rude they can even try to send the bounced check through again and make you pay double for the overdraft.

Nope, not a good idea.

with wal mart they are taking the checks out automatically just like a debit card. So it wouldnt work, your best bet would be just wait till friday because you wont be able to do it before... maybe someone can help you till then

Do it, if you want to see an NSF charge on your checking account and fees from Walmart.

The date you put on a check doesn't influence its cashability at all. Once presented for payment, the bank'll cash it forthwith, with no regard to your little 'post-dating it' scheme. That only works as a reminder to postpone negotiating it when the payee is told up-front, and agrees to wait awhile.
You shouldn't rely on any post-dating to keep your balance in the black,'cuz it won't work.

yes and it usually doesnt reach your bank for a while.

It is illegal to post-date checks. No retailer will take a post-dated check, if they realize the date is wrong. Even so, it will go through the bank the next day, despite the date and you'll get hit for the NSF fees. You would do well to wait until late in the day Thursday (after banks close) and then go shopping.

I didn't know that any stores accepted cheques anymore. I haven't written a cheque in ages. You could always call and ask the store.

Texas granny turtle
All Walmarts around here process check same as debit card, it comes out right then, they give check copy back to you. Maybe another store is on old process system but I would ask before getting bank fees and bounced checks. Or ask a friend for help and write them a check. Been there,,,

If the cashier pays attention to the date they may not take it. But I would wait till thurs, cuz I think they can still cash it even if you post date it. It won't get there till fri or mon anyways right? Be carefull, you don't want to be labeled as a hot check writer, cuz that is what you are thinking of. Borrow some money from a friend or relative. There is no shame in asking for help, like here....Ha,Ha Later Good Luck

The cashier should check the date? AND if she/he doesn't
and you happen to get away with it you most likely will cost them their job which could mean food for them and their kids..

Probably better off to ask friend or family or something else.

Ramen soup is 6@ $1.00 at most stores MC D's has a great $1. menu.

Point is you can get by for a couple days on $10. I'm sure. And no one gets hurt

Good Luck

With check 21 you can't really float checks anymore. In fact, the walmart in my neighborhood actually takes your check, scans it (makes a computer image of it) and gives the original check back to you. They then electronically submit the check to their account and to your bank ... instantly. Your best bet, if you need food is to go to the food bank.

Post dating a check at Walmart won't work either, they will not allow you to post date it if they do spot it and if they don't they will just scan it and submit it anyway. Technically, you could get in trouble for somesort of check fraud.

you cant, it wil bounce, sorry.

Jodie B
You poor thing. I've DEFINITELY been where you're at. Wal-Mart will not allow you to post date a check. They don't verify the funds but the do assume that the check your writing has the funds available. If you write the check on Wednesday, it probably wouldn't be in your account until Friday, but there's no guarantee (that's known as "kiting" a check, btw, like sending a kite up and hoping it catches wind).

Have you considered a short term payday loan? If you're that much in need, there are places that will help you. They charge a hefty fee but, thankfully, in recent months the fees have been lowered due to state regulations.

Good luck and I hope your situation improves!

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