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Can I still collect unemployment if I get fired for being late, also after receiving 3 written warnings?
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Can I still collect unemployment if I get fired for being late, also after receiving 3 written warnings?


No, 'fraid not.

If they have written you up three times for being late, they have all the documentation they need to prove that you were forewarned and given every opportunity to amend your ways.

Dana1981, Master of Science
I don't think you can get unemployment if you've been fired for a valid reason, and chronic tardiness is a valid reason.

NO and there is no Santa Clause either.

Sir Hard & Thick
to put it simply, NO!


aaron h
get a job , go to work , follow the rules

you must be a liberal union employee.

The answer is maybe. Do go to the unemployement office in your area and apply. The worst they can do is say "NO".
The best that can happen, you may have to wait 6-8 weeks before being elgible to collect.

You have nothing to lose, apply.

You can also check out other jobs while you are there.

What was the situation that caused you to be late so many times at your previous job? You may want to look for one closer to home or leave earlier so this doesn't happen. Most employers have a real problem with tardiness.

alot of nadda
i sure hope not.

Scott B
No, not until your 8 week wait/pentality period. but is have a good excuse each time and others are late and nothing happens to them, yes, you have a a could case to sue or grieve if it if you a union shop

Depends on the company - if you apply and the object, then probably not. If you apply and they don't object, then probably.

It really depends who fills out your paperwork and what boxes are checked. Some employers when they fire you will just put down some general reason and not get specific. this is to your advantage when collecting unemployment because the Agency has no clear idea why you got fired. if the company puts down on your record the exact reason you gave above, you will be denied.

Whats so hard about getting to work on time? You need to prioritize and take pride in your work

If your employer has back up documents on your attendance issues and written warnings you won't ever be able to collect unemployment from that employer's account.

No...you can only collect if you were employed 5 Months or more and you were laid off.

If you quit or get fired, you cannot collect.

Certainly not. Nor can you keep any future job with an attitude like that.

Nope. If you did something to merit your dismissal, then you get nothing. In the future, you may want to be more responsible, and accoutable for yourself, or the same will happen.

yep,my buddy got fired after working 2 1/2 years and collected unemployment

Yes, you can collect unemployment even if you're fired or layed off. As long as you don't quit a job and your job pays into the unemployment fund then you can collect.

Yes you can file a claim to collect it but your employer can deny it I believe.

I once collected unemployment after being fired for smoking dope on the job, so you should be fine.

I recently got fired for callin in late..... i live in las vegas and use to work in primm, wich is 45 mins. away from vegas. the job provides an employee bus that gets u over their they charge $3.00 to go and $3.00 to come bak so $6 a day...! The bus piks up ppl every hour and 25 min. i use to go in at 6am so imagin i would have to catch my bus at 4:25am. to get their an hour early n would have to wait to clok in. if i would catch the 5:25 bus i would arrive right on time or depending on traffic or if bus would get their late 5 to 15 mins late......if u would get their 1 min late to da bus stop the bus would b gone nd u would have to wait an hour for da other one..i would frecuently get late for work....for the reason that the bus would eatheir would pik us up a couple min. late or traffic..... one day i called in to let my manager know i was gonna b late because the bus had left me he told me it was very busy and that i was fired ....... do u think im still able to get unemployment.....??? pls help and thankk u..

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