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Can I sue my city for injuries my child received at a city owned skating rink they charge admission for.?
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Can I sue my city for injuries my child received at a city owned skating rink they charge admission for.?



You knowingly took your child that...or at least your child was their voluntarily. I do not think that the city FORCED your child to skate.

Kids skate....skating causes accidents and injuries...who is to sue?

My son is 6 and loves to skate...and he is quite good if I say so myself...but I know the dangers of him skaeboarding. If he is to get hurt...regardless as to where he was skating...it would be his/my fault. No one made him skate.

Don't you ever watch those stupid shows about what happens when kids skate?

What are you thinking? Please take some responsibilities for your actions and teach your son the same.

Jessica W
not likely. you can probably try. Most skating rinks have a notice that you are skating at your own risk. they probably are well covered for injuries whether or not they cahrge admission for it.

Sgt. Pepper
I doubt you can, there should be disclaimers posted warning you of the risks and their lack or liability.

Anyways, you shouldn't. Being a landscape architect who has designed skate parks in the past, I feel that cities willing to invest the money to create a place where the users can safely do what they want without fear of getting in trouble is a rare and admirable feat. It's people who sue who will make places, and soon parks in general, obsolete.

Yahzmin (US)
Many skating rinks have posted signs stating that participation is at the person's own risk, to avoid such a situation. You need to do some research before you waste your time and/or money to see if that is the case. Then, contact a lawyer about doing something on a contingency basis. Hope the child is OK!

charles o
the probabaly will not have liability

2/3 the last rinks i went to say "______ rink excuses itself of all liability"

Mark O
I am sure the quick answer is Yes.

However, is this really the right thing to do? Was the city somehow responsible for your child's injuries? Or perhaps was your child behaving irresponsibly...or were you or another adult not supervising properly?

We sue far too often in our society, and the costs affect all of us.

You might be able to. If this is just an accident, your child fell, you will be less likely to win. However, if the city is clearly negligent, some danger above the implied danger already associated with ice skating, you will be more likely to win.

How was it their fault your kid got injured?

Thomas J
you can sue whomever you want. the question i would have is why are you suing- was it negligence on their part, or was it just your child doing something that lead to the injury and you just want to get money? if it is the former, then you may have a case. if it is the latter, then you are one of the reasons our legal system is a disaster.

That depends on what happened. Was the child properly supervised? Did it follow all the posted rules? Was it in any way responsible for the injury? Was anyone else involved?

You don't give enough details. What was the nature of the injury? How did it occur? Was it becuase your kid fell down and went boom or becuase of direct negligence on the part of the skating rink?

Suing for suing's sake is ridiculous and is only going to end up raising your taxes. If you child isn't permanently injured or the hospital costs are minor, get over it and set an example for your child -- personal responsibility.

If the city blatantly did something that led to your child being harmed and your child is irreparably damaged, then you can and should sue. If not, move on.

only if you can prove that the injuries were the result of something they did or did not do, that they reasonably should have. for example, if they did not maintain the rink properly and that caused an injury, you may have a case. If your child just fell from normal skating, you do not.

All hat
Why not? A lady sued McDonalds because she spilled hot coffee on her leg - perhaps you can act as honorably too -

How was your child injured?

I'd say no, because every skating rink I have seen has said "Skate at your own risk" or similar statement somewhere at the entrance.

no i think you can only sue the skating rink if your going to sue

Unless exempt by law, you can sue anyone or any business for anything, but winning is another matter.

A skating rink comes with natural hazards because of the nature of the sport of skating. Every person who has learned to skate has fallen or crashed into something at some time during this activity.

If you sue because your daughter fell or ran into someone or something while skating it is not likely you will win.

If she was injured because of an act of neglect by the owners or their employees, then you may win.

An attorney can evaluate your chances.

George B
No. If you live in an intelligent and caring city part of the ticket you bought goes towards an insurance policy if someone becomes injured.

jack w
Talk to an attorney. Some municipalities exempt themselves from liability. Your state laws may also be a factor. Good luck.

Scott K
Absolutely, at least if the city is in the USA. Usually, there is some kind of disclaimer at the ticketing booth, but that isn't enough to grant them total immunity. You will likely have to prove negligence on the city's part; e.g., they didn't maintain it properly, they didn't adequately supervise the rink, etc. You'll need an attorney, of course.

lizzie s
if a release was signed no but otherwise yes.

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