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Can a criminal record keep you out of the army?
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Can a criminal record keep you out of the army?

When I was a minor I got in trouble with the law twice. I was told that my file would be closed after I turned 18 and it would be like it had never happened. The army is also short of people to it seems. Beggers can't really be choosers. What do you think?
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Both were plea bargin deals when i was a minor


i had a minor record, nothing big, but i went in the army at 17, they didn`t check or care, but you can at 18, now they can`t check, it is sealed, even to them, but if you apply for a top-secret clearance, they will check. And they will find out everything.

Go serve your country.

it won't keep you out of the army, but it could prevent you from having certain jobs. According to what your offenses were. It shouldn't keep you from doing any of the fun stuff like driving tanks or using explosives. So go enlist and have fun.

yes a felony will keep you out of the armed forces and also any pending case will stop you from entering until it is resolved. In your case as a juvenile your "crimes" will not be a problem. Juvenile cases are not considered crimes they are deviant acts so you are fine to go and serve.

Proud mama of 3 boys
depending on what kind of trouble you got your self into, is what will decide whether or not you have a career in the army. Minor things such as trafic tickets and minor fighting is fine but if you are a child molester, a killer or caused a felony it is highly unlikely you will be able to join.

Big Jimi
Join up,if there's an issue they will let you know!

depends how bad an offence it was. the australian army needs more people so they will take you with a minor criminal history

tommy w
depends on the crime. it may not keep you out but might keep you from becoming an officer. check with a recruiter. they'd luv to meet and talk with you.

Trust me...they really don't care that you have a record. My son joined the Army long before the war broke out and he had a record too. Go and enlist and be careful.

Check with your recruiter- but dont tell him it is you.

You can get into more trouble if they find out about it after you are enlisted.

Daniel K
Don't take any chances. Rob a liquor store tonight.

depends but leave it alone. If they find out latter..well heck you forgot. Serious that is what I would do. Chances are, unless it was way serious, or you are needing top secret clearances it will never be found out.

Tammy C
They'll take ya!!! Just don't get in any more trouble.

I think you need to find a trade school and learn a way to make a living.

It'll probably help you get INTO the army :P

You're record never goes away.

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