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Can a verbal agreement hold up in court?
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Can a verbal agreement hold up in court?


yes especially if there are witnesses

It can. But The Court would belive you more If you had a written agreement. If I were you I'd always a written agreement

Yes, a verbal contract is still a contract. Unfortunately, it becomes hard to prove because it becomes a he said/he said type of situation. It will depend on whom the judge believes.

only if the person who made the verbal agreement with you agrees that you did have a verbal agreement or if there were trustworthy witnesses to this verbal agreement

yes they can

Yes if their are wittiness to it and also i was a juror on such a case we voted for the old lady who said she was being robed by her soninlaw who said he did not have to pay her since it was not a written contract but verbil or written they still will stand up in court

Dorothy and Toto
YES! The exception is real estate, which must be in writing.

Earl D
Generally only if state law allows it. Calfornia does, but it's hard to enforce.

SoCal Attorney
Verbal agreements can be upheld in court, but you still carry the burden of proving the terms of the agreement.

People enter into "verbal" agreements all the time, practically every day. When you go to buy gas, the price is listed on the pump. When you put the credit card in the machine, there is an agreement that you will pump the gas and pay the credit card bill when it arrives. There is no written contract for the purchase of the gas, but there is proof of the contract.

It might, depends. Got witnesses?

Sam Goldwyn, of MGM fame, noted for his "Goldwynisms," said "A verbal contract is not worth the paper its written on."

Nancy Kay
Very little in the legal field can "hold up" if it is not in writing, and the law prescribes certain types of contracts that can NEVER be oral...so as a general rule of thumb, NO.

Certain kinds of contracts must be in writing. For example, a contract for the sale of real estate must be in writing. Most do not. You should know, however, that not every "agreement" constitutes a binding contract.

not usually, get everything that matters in writing (signed and dated)

Rada S
more of an up hill battle than if you have something in writing, but It can be done!

Yes, oral contracts are good as long as one can prove firm offer, valid acceptance and proper consideration, as with written contracts. Witnesses may be necessary depending on the state. The exception is that certain contracts, like contracts for the sale of goods over $500 and contracts for marriage, can only be made in writing or else they violate the statute of frauds. It's best to look at your state's Uniform Commercial Code to find out what is required for any contract, and their specific statute of frauds.

yes it can. However, you will still to show the court proof of the agreement. It may be in how someone acted or what was sold, etc.

Yes. Usually you need two credible witnesses to it (other than those who made the agreement).

Sam Goldwyn: " A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on. "

Cimp L
Of course it can - it's an agreement between 2 people. Right - credible witnesses that are not allied with either party to the agreement. This is not like in a police case where other police are "witnesses" - that of course is bogus since they are not disinterested

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