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Can i legally kill my neighbors dog for trespassing on my property and attacking my cats?
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Can i legally kill my neighbors dog for trespassing on my property and attacking my cats?


Yak Rider
If the dog is on your property, and YOU feel like you are in serious, imminent danger, kill them. Remember, tell the cops YOU felt that you were in "imminent danger of serious bodily harm."

No but you can call animal control and make a complaint. The best thing to do would be to keep your kitties housebound until that beast is under control.

If it's actually going after your cats, then yes. Your cats are only considered personal property under the law, but so is your neighbor's dog. If your neighbor's property threatens to damage or destroy your property, you can use any reasonable amount of force to stop it. I know for a fact it is legal for farmers to shoot any dogs that threaten their livestock, so I don't see why you can't do the same to protect other kinds of animals that belong to you as well. Personally though, I'd rather go after the damn thing with a broomstick and put up a fence.

In the state of NC you can. My step mother shot and killed 3 Dobermans that kept coming over and killing her animals. The deputy sheriff told her if she could kill them if they were on her property. And there was nothing the neighbor could do about it, he refused to keep his dogs on his property

If the dog is in the process of attacking your cats, can;t you use pepper spray to chase it away? I think you are allowed to protect your animals on your property from an animal that comes onto it. But it is not necessary to use excessive force.
And if you are shooting at a dog in a town or a city, you would be in big trouble for endangering people.

Probably not, but it all depends on where you live. Contact animal control, and maybe a lawyer too. You could always file a civil case against your neighbor.

Look up the local laws and find out. It seems that in this case it would be OK. But it must be done humanely. Like I said, look up the laws first.

Voice of Liberty
Most counties/cities/jurisdictions have leash laws. Call your local animal control officer and file a complaint. If you come to find that your neighbor is violating the law, demand that he/she be cited.
Option#2 - Tell your neighbor that the dog is aggressive toward you and that you will kill it in fear that it will attack. When they begin to argue simply tell them that if you do happen to club or shoot the dog it would be justified and you were simply trying to warn them. Most jurisdictions do have provisions for justification of lethal force on an animal. Check your local laws.

Why kill the dog when you can sue your neighbor, make money, and send a message to that dog lover?

angela d

Ed Borden
If the dog is on your property at the time and you feel reasonably certain that the dog is putting the well being of your cats in danger, then you are acting in their defense.

my avatar's hot!
Depends on what state you live in. Your best bet is to contact the local police and ask them to get a straight answer so you're not in trouble later.

We've been there, too, and in NY all we are allowed to do is call animal control unless the dog is attacking us or our children, other animals don't count.

not nice to kill dogs

Depends on the State

if you have proof that they were harming your cats and trespassing. also, make sure that your neighbor has been told what the dog has been doing at least 3-5 times. also, make it look like an accident


don't do it. your neighbors are going to take you to court and everything. its not worth it, and you'll probably lose cuz the judge is some animal rights activist and the little girl that might be in your neighbor's family testifies crying with red bloated cheeks saying that the dog was all she had and blah and blah and blah

also, its not legal

but you could sue them for damages on your lawn or property that the dog made and emotional distress

the emotional distress is if your cat got hurt and was whining the entire night and you couldnt get sleep because of what that dog did

but if you're gonna sue, make sure you have lots and lots and lots of evidence. but don't blame me if you lose though. you shouldn'd listen to me

Not unless you live in Texas.

(I havn't researched this exact issue, but I know that Texas is unusual, in that you can legally shoot a human who tresspasses at night).

glenda w
There is a leash law it sounds like you both are breaking it.

not legally but your only breaking the law if you get caught

I think if the dog were attacking your cat & was the dog was killed in the process of saving the cat's life, you would be Ok. I think if you went into your neighbor's in the middle of the night with an axe, you might have some problems.

damn dont kill hte dog....just call the police.

Not unless you want the ASPCA on your back! Depending on where you live, and whether or not you have a leash law, you might be able to report your neighbor for allowing the dog to run loose. Killing it is not worth the hassle you will get if the ASPCA comes after you!

Richard L
no but you can call the police and have them come out and issue a ticket for distruction of personal property. it sounds silly but once they come out if the owner doesnt use restraints on the dog the aspca can get involved and put down the animal as a dangerous one. ps you can kill it as long as no one finds out just slip it some hamburger meat with antifreeze in it over the fence if your local pd doesnt want to help

t. B
No you may not. People pay taxes for the privilege of owning a dog. Any moron can have a cat. The payment of taxes comes along with rights and responsibilities. I am sure the dogs coming into your yard are in violation of a leash law of some sort. I am also sure that the penalty for this violation is not death. If you want to keep this dog out of your yard invest in a fence that the dog cannot get by.

Doodle Pup '07
Why would you want to?!?!?! Dogs are beautiful creatures. *sigh* I just don't want you to kill a dog that is just following it's instincts, that's all......=(

I have the same problem! My constant companion, Tiger, was killed by a dog yesterday evening. My husband didn't even know how to tell me when I got home from work... He didn't even want me to see him bury my baby because of the blood and mangled flesh. I decided I'd remember him as he was and let my husband do it without me, But I also told him that any dog coming onto our property would be shot if he came anywhere near our other cat, or near one of us.

It is legal in the state of Idaho to kill any animal or person on your property that is threatening harm to you or your property. But if they/it does not die then you are liable for the medical bills. Ask a police officer in your state. They can tell you what you can do to protect yourself and your pets.

Yeah, just pay your bills and plan your day around hell hound! How do most of you even survive with your stupidity? My house, my bills, my kids, my pets...All that is mine stays put. But some of you clowns say, awwww just lock yourselves indoors forever knowing that nobody will ever take care of the aggressive dog til a kid gets bit in the face..Even then you morons on here will say,,oh well was the child making faces at it or something? If the dog kills your pets, which are considered many peoples children, then yes, on spot take care of the problem. I do recommend that you video tape some aggressive behaviors prior just so you have proof.

You can kill a dog on your property and say you were in fear for your safety under the dangerous dogs act, you'd be doing the world a favour and saving many harmless cats. Or get some chickens and get a shotgun license to blast it into pieces, muhahahaha

t. B...why should he have to invest in a fence for the NEIGHBORS dog?...it seems to me that that responsibility falls on the neighbor. If the dog is aggresive on his property toward his animals it will be aggresive on his property toward him and his family(especially children). If you feel that you are in IMMEDIATE danger DO NOT HESITATE TO KILL THE DOG!

pissed off in RED BANK, TN
i have a delima it's illigal to even shoot a bb gun in my city but its also illegal to let your dog run loose off a leash and shit in my yard i went to the man and calmly without any cuss words explained how unhappy i was after putting my hand in his dogs doo so i've made a firing range in my back yard to get a lil practice and they call the cops on me yet they do nothing about this rodent of a dog he assured me it wasn't his dog but his son in laws dog that shit in my driveway yet the next day i watched him let his dog out which headed for my yard it saw me and went to another neighbors yard to take a shit idk if i should shoot it poison it or trap it and when the pound FINALLY shows give it to them with my luck he'd call the police and they would make me let it go

New York is the only State where the ASPCA is really a law enforcement government funded agency.

If there are not any laws restricting firearm use in most states you can kill any animal doing harm to your property. You should be able to kill the dog and then sue the neighbors for damages. Most sates have leash laws for dogs but for cats it is very rare. As far aspca it is none of their business if the state law code says you can do it. Then plain and simple you can. Call the sheriff or local law enforcement and ask them what the state law is.

It's a sad situation, in my neighborhood there is a huge beastly nuisance dog. I can't even walk by sons in their stroller anymore. I've called the police and animal control, and anytime they've come, they 'cannot find the dog' . I would love to say that I would have the right to kill the dog so i dont have to worry about walking down the street or to my car, but it's almost like you have to wait until they attack you or someone's children before it's deemed acceptable. Yes, I have a fence, but I used to have my own dogs, and some have gotten out, so who's to say one can't get in? As for pepper spray, I'm sure they'll just come back madder than ever. I dont live in the country, we have neighbors, so I am afraid that if i shoot it or somethin i could be charged with endangering someone, so that's not worth it. so, im at a loss for a solution right now.

i have told my neighbor that he has to keep his dog on a leash he said i dont believe it that i have a fences but why dont the owners be able to do as they please and i should have to put up with a nasty dog that ran from me to turn around and show his teeth at me on my own property i have 2 dogs and they dont leave my yard i called the dog catcher let see what will happen if the dog attacks my family or worse my autistic grandson i will end it for that dog !!! I JUST CANT BELIEVE THAT IM SUPPOSED TO KEEP HIS DOG OFF MY PROPERTY WHAT IS WRONG WITH DOG OWNERS JUST TAKE CARE OF THEM AND PUT IT ON A LEASE IS IT REALLY MY RESPONSIBILITY TO SPEND MORE MONEY BECAUSE DOG OWNERS WONT PROTECT OTHER PEOPLE OR THERE OWN DOG WE WILL SEE i really like dogs but will not let it attack me or my family I ACTUALLY HAD THE NEIGHBOR COME ON MY PROPERTY AND TELL ME NOT TO TELL HIS ADULT KIDS WHO SWORE AT ME THAT I WILL SHOOT THE DOG IF IT ATTACKS MY FAMILY I TOLD HIM TO LEASH HIS DOG I HAVE 2 DOGS AND CANT SAY THEY WILL NEVER BITE ANYONE ALL IM SAYING IS I WISH EVERYONE HAD A LEASH ON THERE PETS IT IS BETTER FOR ALL I KNOW DOGS GET LOOSE BUT NOT ALL THE TIME

joeyjail you obviously have to report your problem to the proper authorities if you havent already dont let your emotions get the better of you and dont try to take matters in your own hands those problems can be taken care of with a simple phone call

don t kill the dogs! call ASPCA ,call police ,and they have to arrest the owner he is the one to blame !I had so many dogs coming to my yard ,sometimes they start a fight with my dogs ,but I just put my dogs inside ,I give them treats to all of them ,and I try to reason to the owner ,because they have to care more about dogs ,or just give them for adoption!

first off don't even think about shooting a dog unless hes atacking a person or livestock or if you have a large piece of property like 20 acres.unless this is the case you could go to jail for a long time or at the very least spend the night in jail and have to pay an expensive lawyer to defend you in court. Secondly, The dog would have to be actively attacking the animal like as in actively biting, chasing, or cornering the animal whereas the animal has no escape and physical harm or death is immanent for it to be supported by law to kill the dog. I think the best course of action would be to get some pepper spray or a squirt gun with some hot sauce, when the dog comes in your yard spray it and hopefully it will learn to stay out of your yard. The last thing you want is to end up in jail for abusing or killing a damn stupid dog. if the dog does kill your animal i believe animal control will take the dog and put it to sleep (hopefully).

kill yourself you sound like a piece of trash

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