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Can i still become a nurse if a have a charge of second degree assault and reckless endangerment?
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Can i still become a nurse if a have a charge of second degree assault and reckless endangerment?

I was a victim of domestic violence and abuse for eight years with my sons father.In 2008 my sons father beat and choked me, to defend myself i grabbed a weapon to scare him off. Therefore, out of fear he tried to take the weapon which then we fell to the floor and he was hurt and had to seek medical attention. He thought that i report he to the authorities so he twisted his story and said it was self defense on his behalf of why he choked me. Although, he new i worked at the hospital it was still a form of control to end my career and my job. But my boss was aware of the past bruises, and they still let me keep my job as a certified nursing assistant. Will this prevent me from going to nursing school


when you apply to nursing school they will ask on the application if you have been arrested charged convicted of anything.they will check you out.even if they didn't you have to take state boards in your state and they won't allow you to sit for the test.what to do is get a lawyer(not sure if you got probation or sentenced)but when time is up just have it expunged from your record(you can only do this once) so in essence you do and can have another chance.

ben t
get your boss to write out a recommandation for you

Shari A
No, you can still go to nursing school.


Should be okay. Be sure to get a letter of recommendation from your boss at the hospital for nursing school, even explaining their take on the assault charge. It will also help if they state that they have never seen you act harshly with patients as a CNA, for (fill in) years. Also how this is very out-of-character for you, and must have been self-defense, in their opinion.

Does not play well with others
It shouldn't, but you could ask whatever school you're planing on attending.


Your Answers PS: Hope i Helped
not to insult you but
how do we know your not twisting the story
never mind none of my business

and if this story is true then
Yes i believe so

James B
I am not sure. You didn't say weather or not the charge led to a prosecution and is on your record. A lot of students graduated from nursing school just to be denied the ability to take the NCLEX for stuff like a drug charge etc. Now our school does state and federal background checks before they accept a student into the program. I suggest that you get this thing resolved and check with the school that you want to go to. Nursing school is very hard and you do not want to go through it if you can't get to complete the NCLEX.

Probably not, I would just apply for a few jobs and if in the interview they decide to consider you then you should tell them before they pull the CORI check, if they are just suprised with those records they won't give it to you, but at least if you have mentioned it then they might get around it. Good Luck, thats a tough charge.

Lisa K
The answer could vary from state to state and will be mandated by state law. You might want to check with the Nursing board in your state. You also could ask at the nursing schools you are thinking of applying to as they could have additional requirements.

It will also depend on where you stand on the charges- usually what they want to know is if you were convicted of a felony. If the charges were dropped or if you were not found guilty it should not have an impact.

It shouldn't effect going to school. But, it might effect getting a nursing job somewhere else only if it is on your record. Hospitals will check.

do you luv charlie the unicorn
i actually think that that would help you MAYBE get over it... possibly

If you havent violated any terms of parole or anything like that it should be fine.

legally, yes. you can still be a nurse, you never had a court or police record. Psychologically, no. you are a victim of domestic violence and this will affect patient's care. Ask profesional help. Go to a Psychiatrist for a therapy.

Bob D
Sorry, but I dont think so.

I wouldn't want you as my nurse


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