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Can i sue the hospital?
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Can i sue the hospital?

just a question but, can i sue the hospital for not giving me an epidural?

i just got another baby and when i was in labor i asked for an epidural and they didn't want to give me one, and kept telling me the anesthesiologist was all the way down stairs and they could not reach him right now! i was in excruciating pain because of the pitocin they gave me, the drug that speeds up labor and makes the labor pains 10 times more intense. not that im going to but im just curious if i could sue them?

btw... i think it was revenge because i cursed one of the midwife for treating me as if i was "just another pregnant person" lol!! she was really rude!
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i had more than enough time for an epidural, and any woman that has had pitocin knows it feels like someone is tearing your uterus out with there hands!

and ive had natural births before with my first and second so im not a punk lol!!!!


Call around to different lawyers and see what they say. They will say they are not interested in your case. I guarantee it.

Yes, you can sue. That doesn't mean that you will win.

Are you going through postpartum ? I doubt that your lawsuit would be worthy of the courts time. Childbirth is no picnic. If it was SO necessary for the anestheliologist to be there, he would've been there. When you are in intense labor like that, it hurts. I went through it too. So have millions of other women.Hopefully you are happy with the outcome ! ( I know what you mean by intense pain. Those shots to induce you work TOO good. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I was exhausted.....and after all that, I had an emergency C-section.)

Personally I would only bother sueing them if my baby died at birth due to their medical negilence which would be VALID reason to sue them.
I always thought a certain amount of pain at birth was just part of the process....

Yes, but your reason for it is very illogical. You were not in a life or death situation, and I'm sure you WERE in a lot of pain but suing over that just doesn't seem very logical.

Unless there was a medical reason to not give you the epidural...the excuse that the anesthesiologist was "downstairs and couldn't be reached" is bogus. Every doctor and nurse is reachable on and off duty. You could probably sue, but it's not exactly the definition of malpractice...so talk to an attorney

Mike P
This is a question for a malpractice lawyer.

I think that you'd have a poor case. You are ok and were not harmed. Because of that most attorneys would stay away from it.

sue them. the hospitals only care about money b4 the patients. the medical industry is a multi million dollar industry. obviously they do not care for you only the money. the doctors are trained to always subscribe you something so they can boost their profits. sue them so we can get some of the money back they have stolen off of us please.

i dont know, google it.
umm i dont think you can...
but you can try

No, they did what they thought would be best with the resources they had. Honestly, you wouldn't have much of a case.

Just ME
Most likely not... Because of all the frivilous lawsuits it is very hard to sue inspite of what you see on tv.

You can still get a free consult with a lawyer who could advise you better than here.

Sometimes they don't give you one for medical reasons and they could always lie and say that.

Many people do not have ethics anymore and will lie to cover their butts...

I'm sorry you had to suffer!!

My daughter in law gave birth on August 4th and due to health problems the baby died. Is your baby healthy if so spend the time your wasteing wanting to sue someone by spending it loving your baby. Childbirth wasn't meant to be pain free.

you can sue anything you want. You can sue water.But if you sue a hospital you'll lose

There's a point in labor when you can't be given epidural, so I suggest you don't sue them because that might be your case.

Shawn F
you could try, but hospitals usually have very good lawyers, so even if you won, you'd probably just have to use the money to pay your own lawyer.

It wouldn't be a very strong case.

If you want too.. but if I were you I would just talk to them first and say that it wasn't right and you should have an apology from the staff. It's up to you though.

not my real name
nah, i don't think that you can sue, if you could, they would have had that anesthesiologist right away.

Probably not. It really depends on what type of contracts and paperwork you signed during admissions.

It's over with now, so what's the use?

Anna M
i would

Unfrozen Caveman

an epidural has to be givin before major labor occurs, and no i don't think you can, well i'm sure u can try but i'm not sure what you'll get out of it besides the person fired and not able to be a nurse,

Sandra M
UMMM I would say YES sue the you know what out of them. I had to have an emergency C Section with my last child, they would not give me any pain medicine because I was already fully dialated which is understandable but they gave me an Epideral before they took me in to have the C Section.

Poor baby, the midwife treated you like "just another pregnant person"; well, guess what - that's exactly what you were. You often have to arrange for an epidural before you go into the hospital and labor or they will not give you one, for legal reasons.

One of the problems in our society today is that at the least provocation people immediately think "can I sure". Your priority SHOULD be your baby and not how you can make a buck off the hospital.

Mason M
yes for pain and suffering

If the anesthesiologist was in surgery or tending to an emergency e.g. a cardiopulmonary arrest, you would not have a case.

You would have to prove negligence in their treatment of you. Some pain meds can have ill effects on the baby. You would have to prove that they did not exercise due diligence in attempting to relieve your pain and in protecting the baby.

"i just got another baby "Shucks
,And you experianced some unexpected discomfort.
Sue?,,, Your still typing to tell about your horrible ordeal....
Best focus on your new born,,,,

St. Eggy
Any lawyer would tell you that that's a valid case. I think you're actually justified in this one. Good luck.

get over it. my mom delivered all 5 of us naturally... i dont think you could because you chose to go to that hospital they didn't make you go there.

Jicksaw :P
UH.. shouldn't this be a little more personal? Dont.. its a freaking hospital.

huh, i don't know .. but why would you wanna sue the hospital, they coo mann .. they are there to help you, save your life .. it ain't right if you gonna sue the hospital.

I am sorry you have had so much abuse on here! If you really think you were treated badly by the nurses etc not getting the anesthesiologist up for you when you needed an epidural, then yes you should at least go back to the head of the hospital and tell them what happened. If you get no apology, yes, sue if you can! Just because millions of woman have given birth without etc .. doesn't mean you should be left in agony just 'because'. As an ex nurse I am horrified at what goes on in hospitals these days !! As to the others here - if this poor woman was not able to have a epidural for some reason, she should have been told WHY the real reason not just fobbed off !!!

I am sorry you have had so much abuse on here! If you really think you were treated badly by the nurses etc not getting the anesthesiologist up for you when you needed an epidural, then yes you should at least go back to the head of the hospital and tell them what happened. If you get no apology, yes, sue if you can! Just because millions of woman have given birth without etc .. doesn't mean you should be left in agony just 'because'. As an ex nurse I am horrified at what goes on in hospitals these days !! As to the others here - if this poor woman was not able to have a epidural for some reason, she should have been told WHY the real reason not just fobbed off !!!

I was 17 when I had my first baby he was born with problems which I knew before birth but didnt understand anyway he died after second surgery and the hospital in duced my labor instead of stoping it I was only 8 months, it was the first case they had of my sons condition in 1992-93 anyway I find out years later that they let the baby daddy name him and make all medical decisions on him without my permission therefore he could be alive today in my opnion cause I would have made different descions on his treatment. we were not marreied and they had no proof he was the father I was out the whole time due to emergency c-section so I was unaware of all this my point is its been 18 yrs and I just found out I could have sued ,for one I was under age in a state by myself no family around and they let him make my desions he was in his twentys at the time and no proof he was the baby daddy and let him make those decisions without my consent can I still sue the hospital now Im old enough to understand

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