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Can multiple people make the exact same lawsuit?
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Can multiple people make the exact same lawsuit?

Like that guy who suied the toilet paper company for millions because they weren't the exact same length claimed. Can't I sue them as well and say I want compensation for the exact same thing too? And seeing how he won the case, and mine is exactly like this, I should get compensation effortlessly? Or does only the first person to make the lawsuit get to receive compensation? like a first come first serve kinda thing, and they only got 1 serving?


Chris K
If you want a piece of the pie you would have to enter into a class action lawsuit.

First of all, quit thinking of using frivolous lawsuits as a get-rich-quick scheme. Go get a real job.

When lots of people get together on the same suit, it's called a "class action suit" (at least here in the US). There was a big one involving the pricing of CD's years ago. Class action suits happen when an entity wrongs lots of people in the same way, like by engaging in shady business practices (remember the suit against Blockbuster for its late fees?).

I'm not sure what toilet paper lawsuit you're talking about, but once a high-profile trial or settlement concludes, the company usually prevents itself from being sued again in a similar fashion by offering compensation at the individual level along with a non-disclosure agreement. Either that, or the court orders the company to provide compensation to affected parties.

This question has nothing at all to do with class action lawsuits. A class action suit involves multiple plaintiffs in the same case, you're asking about multiple people making separate claims. And the answer to your question is yes, although it won't be the exact same case because there will inevitably be differences in regard to the harm caused, et cetera. But if you suffered millions of dollars of harm as a result of uneven toilet paper then you can sue them, regardless of whether someone already has.

You have to participate from the beginning, that would typically be a, "class action suit."

That was a stupid *** lawsuit.

Ron Akia
Yes, multiple people can sue although in reality it's usually done via a Class Action Lawsuit in order to share expenses and for a smoother handling of the overall process in the court.

one law suite and result at a time... since it was already brought up oncde, it canot be brought up as a case again...

but, for another matter.... 1000000 once case as a group and expect a rulling

BHO bows to muslims
yes, its called Class Action.

Only the first one...otherwise it would have been a Class Action Lawsuit.

Well you can attempt to sue for the same thing. But chances are the company may have already covered themselves someway so they can't be sued for the same thing twice.

What could do is gather people who have had the same problem and start a class action suit against the company....

In all honesty for your chances to be good you would need something slightly different to have a decent chance.

whatever you do, just go for it.

It is called a class action suit but multiple people have to do it at the same time it can't be one and then after it's over another and then another. That is not allowed. All together or only one.

Yes. It is called a class action law suit.

You have to belong to a class of people that has been wronged in the same way. Just because the first guy won, doesn't mean you will.

Law 101 it is a class action suit.

It doesn't have to be a class action lawsit, and a lot of people on here don't understand that a class act is a collective lawsuit. A judge would have to agree to allow a class act.

Yes you can make a lawsuit and it doesn't have to be a class act.

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