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Can my boss call me and cancel a shift when he want's?
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Can my boss call me and cancel a shift when he want's?

Ive been working for my job for 3 months now, and my boss keeps cancelling shifts sometime's they give me a few day's notice, sometimes they call me a few hours before i start work, today they rang me and left a voicemail on my phone, i didn't check my phone travelled the 7 miles (two buses) to work and then they said ''we left a message to say you weren't at work today) on closer check of my phone the message was left a 4oclock, i start work at 5, i set of to work at 3:50 PM.

Is this legal?


Yes it is legal.. You need to try to work out a better system of communication .. Some jobs , such as dock jobs , do just that.. if it turns out to be slow the last hired gets told not to come in .. Just be thankful this day and age you have a job..

Yes they can. if they dont need you then they can. My job calls me all the time changing the time I should go in. Sometimes earlier sometimes later.
What you should do is CALL them right before you leave the house. Talk to the supervisor EVERY DAY you are suppose to go in. To double check what time you should be there. I had to start doing that to make sure I wasnt going in too early or too late!

Joe from WI
It could be they have no work for you to do. It could be "corporate is short of money". Anyway, you are entitled to know why the shifts were canceled.

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