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Can my boss make me work more than 8 hours a day?
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Can my boss make me work more than 8 hours a day?

I am in Texas. There are 2 supervisors. A morning shift (me) and a night shift. The other day, the night shift supervisor called in sick. The rest of management had already gone home for the day and my boss called me and told me that he needed me to stay and work the night shift aswell. I told him i already had plans and was unable to stay. He then told me that I HAD to stay. I ended up working 12 hours that day wich isn't really a problem for me.. but is my boss allowed to make me work more than 8 hours in 1 day??


Are you salary or hourly? I work over 8 hours a day everyday . . .sometimes 12 + . . . it is all part of being salary.

He can't make you stay and he owes you overtime!

rey misterio
why he cant becuse it is you chosse he can not

Grin Reeper
depends on what you contract says.
If you have a written agreement like an employee handbook that states something like that then yes you do...

But if there is nothing in writing then no he cant.

But keep in mind pissing off the boss can cost you more in the long run

uva guy
He can't make you stay, but I bet in Texas he could fire you if you don't. Overtime depends on whether you are in an 'exempt' position, whether you end up working over 40 hrs, and state law. Some places require OT after 8 hours, others only if it gives you over 40 at the end of the week.

AS long as you were compensated for the time he can ask.

YOu can say no.

He can look for someone else who can stay when he needs someone.

At will hiring and firing.

Jennifer C
Yes. Supervisors have the legal authority to demand overtime (over 8 hours in a day) as long as it was included in your legal job description and the legal alloted breaks are given during the shift (30 minutes per 8 hours). It is just not great management skills not to give any notice.


Unfortunately yes. Labor laws require overtime pay for hourly paid employees, but management (salary based I assume) usually has to work as needed without extra pay. Supervisors are usually responsible for covering whatever needs covered in their department and often are expected to put in extra time doing so. This is especially true in most service industries such as retail or hospitality. As far as can he fire you for not staying if you had refused to, probably not, but he probably can find another reason to do so.

If he pays you over time and allows you a break every so many hours for food and other such necessities. He could not fire you because you refused to cover someone else's shift however, the missed shift is not your problem it is you coworker's and if no one showed up for that shift you cannot and should not have to take the blame.

check your job contract, every job has a contract, my job can force me overtime if they need me, BUT i have to takes breaks and lunches according to the hours i work, so if i don't get my breaks and lunches i'm calling OSHA lol

Nobody is allowed to "make" you do anything-period. In work, he cannot make you work over 8 hours, legally, he can ASK you and pay you overtime. If you told him no he would have to deal with it because he is the topdog. If you want to keep your job, however, you have to consider the position he is/was in. He is home, you are there, the relief is a no show and SOMEBODY has to cover. The easy thing was for him to ASK you to cover-pay you overtime and put you on his #1 employee list and start treating you like gold.

You DID stay which says you are a decent employee who wants to make his manager's life easier in emergency situations, that means kudos for you. But, if you have a bad attitude even though you did the right thing it almost erases the good thing you did. Remember your attitude is what predicts the success of your life and career, not necessarily your intelligence or good looks.

No, they can't make you work over 8 hrs, unless you have a contract which says that you are required to work overtime when needed.

No one MAKES you work. You choose to. Work and get paid, or don't work and live off someone else.
Can your Boss ask you to work more then eight hours in a day? Sure.
Labor laws address how many breaks your allocated to take.

You could have said no, then had a bad performance review for not being a "team player".

Well if you weren't originally scheduled to work those extra hours...you DO NOT have to.

Juan G
well he can because he Ur boss put that call extra work he most pay u more

Yes, if it is very vital for the work.; like a doctor in emergency room , he must stay after his shift if the other one doesn't come ! But of course You must paid for that overtime !

If he's a private employer, he may be--that is, he may have the right to fire you if you refuse or at least to make you miserable. However, he certainly has to PAY you for those extra hours, and possible pay you time and a half. You'd better check with your state labor department.

BTW, is your boss named Julius C. Dithers?

Holly Golightly
Yes. If you're on salary, you won't be paid for overtime, but if you're an hourly salary, you will be entitled to time and a half for the extra 4 hours.

Skittles are M & M wannabees
He can't MAKE you stay, but since you did stay, he does need to compensate you. However, he does NOT owe you overtime UNLESS you work more than 40 hours in one week. Much to people's surprise, employers do NOT have to pay overtime for anything over eight hours, it's over 40 hours a week.

If you're under 18, however, you can not work more that eight hours a day.

No, unless he's physically forcing you, he can't 'make' you stay. He could maybe fire you for not staying, depends on your contract, really. And there are labor laws at federal, state, and local levels that may prevent you from working more than X hours at a stretch. I don't think 12 hours would be a problem on that front, but 16 might push it, depending on the type of work.

I've worked 72 hours at a clip, but I'm a computer geek. Also, unless you're overtime exempt, they have to pay you for it. Usually 1.5x salary, but again, depends on your contract, and applicable labor laws.

if h pays you...im assuming its not a salary so you should get "time and a half" if your not then its illegal(if you're 18+)....under 18 you are not supposed to work that long(required by law)

I don't think there is a law about how many hours you can work in one day. It is against the law to work more than 40 hours a week without paying overtime.

Caring girl.
I would suggest that you use a search Engine and type in Employment law in Texas and see if you could find out.

Mckoy W
He owes you.

did you get overtime, if not your boss owned you.....maybe you should grow a pair

i do employ people and i know i cant make them work more than 48 hours per week so if you know that the extra time will take you over that in the middle of the week then no.regardless of your contract.
Regards Tony the Accounts manager

it's not right to tell you you HAVE to stay, but yes they can have you work more than 8 hours a day...or at least they always did to me at my last job

The Great Gazoo
Yes they can as long as you have adequate breaks and if your weekly hours exceed the state law for regular hours they have to pay you overtime.

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