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Can my employer ask me to take a drop in salary without my agreement?
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Can my employer ask me to take a drop in salary without my agreement?


Reported for insulting my belief
They can ask and you can say "No I do not agree"

Drew G
Yes your salary is totally at your employers discretion. You can always quit if you don't like it.

Tara P
Yes, absent an employment contract that expressly states to the contrary. Your employment is at will, which means your employer can fire you for any reason or no reason at all. Within that regime is also the employer's right to change your compensation structure. You also have the right to leave at any time, so there's the trade off. However, they have to tell you about the change before you work otherwise you won't be receiving the compensation you agreed upon prior to your performance. For example, an employer can't say - I lowered your salary two weeks ago and give you a smaller paycheck. They can say, starting tomorrow you are making less per hour.

Tom Jr
If your employer drops your salary and you continue to work there, you've agreed.

unless you have a contract

It's better than being fired or layed off.

Yes. If you don't belong to a union, your choices are take the pay cut or quit.

Unless you work under a labor agreement (Union Contract), he doesn't even have to ask.

Unless you have a contract with them that states that you are supposed to make so much then the employer can ask you to take a drop in salary. If you refuse then the employer could let you go. That does depend a bit on state laws. However, there is probably a reason why the employer is asking you to take a smaller wage. The employer may be going out of business or will go out of business unless the employer can reduce expenses somehow.

spider 1
The law says you have a right not to take a pay cut without your agreement. If an employer does reduce your wages it could be a breach of contract and therefore unlawful.

If you continue in the job without objecting to the new terms you may be regarded as having accepted the changes. So point out your objections as soon as possible. You could leave and claim constructive dismissal.

Your employer may try to re-employ you under a new, inferior, contract with inferior terms and conditions.

If it happens, you could continue working under protest, making it clear that you consider yourself dismissed from the original contract. If you have at least one year's service you could bring claims for breach of contract or unfair dismissal at an employment tribunal.

If your employer does terminate your existing contract by giving you notice, you will have been dismissed. Again, if you have at least one year's service you can claim unfair dismissal. You must do this within three months of being dismissed.

If you live in an "at will employment" state, then yes. If you don't like it, you can quit.

Short of minimum wage and discrimination laws, they can change your salary whenever they want. With or without reason.

No. He cannot drop your pay or change your terms and conditions without your agreement. However, if you are doing less hours of work or some other variation in your existing terms and conditions (i.e. doing less work for the pay you were on), he may be able to.

Assuming you are not in a Union, speak with the nearest Citizens Advice Bureau for free and confidential advice. What reason does he gove for dropping it? Is business bad?

What happens if you say no, will he try and terminate your employment (you can be sacked for absolutely no reason at all withing your first year of employment).

Well, if he's ASKING you, he's seeking your agreement. IF he TELLS you he's cutting your salary, you have the choice to look for another job. This assumes, of course, that you don't have a contract or a union.

no, if you signed a contract when u forst started then you have to sign a new one. you can choose to sign or not. but if you don't sign, he is within his rights to make u redundant on grounds of lack of company funds

If you meen tell you you've had a pay cut, I doubt it!

Depending on the state where you live, and if you are hourly or salaried, possibly.

Did they re-do the pay scale? Has your position been downgraded? If you have further questions, ask a lawyer, but in some places I do think it is legal.

Yes and unless you have a union and/or contract they can fire you if you make a fuss. Even with a union the union might accept a cut in pay for you to save the company.

The only choice you have is smile and like it (and buy a tub of Vaseline) or go elsewhere for your bread.

They have to give you notice of any changes to salary or contract. i think its 4 weeks. check government websites!

Yes and no.

If you have an actual signed contract, then no, you would have to sign a new agreement with the new salary.

If no contract, then yes they can, as long as you agree. If you don't quit, then you are agreeing.

My guess is if you argue about it, they will fire you.

Sounds like your company is having money problems, it is probably time to find a new job.

He can ask but he can't just drop it wihtout your agreement. Howeve you need to ask why he asking you to take a pay cut. The company is most likely in trouble and if you don't take a pay cut it may mean redundancy for either yourself or others. Or he could offer you less offer with a pay cut to reflect that.
In England you can not drop someones wages. You can demote them, as long as you keep them on the same money. You have a contract with your employer for your pay. Any problems, if you live in UK, dig out your contract and go and talk to the CAB. They will have all the legal information available.

Mark H
Unless you are in a union or a 'tenured' employee your employer can certainly ask to lower your salary, in fact, can lay you off or fire you at any time as your job is 'at will" for both. Meaning you can also quit at any time. That's assuming you earn more than minimum wage.

Unless you are in a signed contract then yes they can♥ It stinks but it's true♥

It depends entirely on what your terms of employment are . Are you member of a union , school teacher , state or federal employee, saleried professional.

Essentially your employer can announce a pay rise or cut at any contract negotiation. If you are not under contract they may be able to do it with whatever notice one pay period is.

If you dont like it you would have to negotiate for yourself or quit.

You should be able to check at your State Employment Office to see what state regulations there are .

Yes. Employers may make salary adjustments anytime they want.

If the employee is unhappy with it, the choice is to quit. This is usually what the employer is counting on anyway. That's the only reason to do such a thing. They figure if they make you mad enough, you will quit - and not be eligible for unemployment compensation. If they lay you off, they get hit for the benefits.

The Transporter
No. That is unilateral variation of contract. You do not have to accept it. Go see an employment lawyer, and if you have home contents/buildings insurance then you may be covered for your legal costs. It could be grounds for a tribunal based on a claim for constructive dismissal.

lets see here, ask means to verbally seek permission. you can either say no or yes. if you say yes it's your fault. if you say no and he drops ur pay (as long as the drop is over $20) tell him to expect an envlope: Dewy, Cheatum, & Howe Law Firm.

k e
if you don't have a contract stating how much you are being paid then he can do what he wants it happend to me lately it really is an employers world if you are in a union you should have some chance

I think the only way they can lower your pay is if you demote yourself.

Like say you are (only for example) a Vice President of the company but it is too much work and you demote yourself to Assistant VP...then they can legally drop your pay.

I find that such a strange question.......Why shouldnt he? You're entitled to go elsewhere if your not happy with the salary you're paid.

what state and how much if you like the job then do it if you hate the job say know and let them fire you and collect!!

Yes, they can ask you too. Whether you have to is another thing. It depends what state you live in, if you are going to be doing the exact same duties and have the exact same title as you did at the higher pay rate, the size of the company, etc. Your best bet is to talk to your human resources department. If you do not have one or they are not helpful, you can usually get a free consultation with an employment lawyer to see if you have legal options.

I was an independent contractor and my employer asked me to do a free services and I refused. The employer told me there is no way around and I have to do it, so I quit. In the independent contractor that I signed is state that I get 50% from every transaction. After I quit I have collected unemployment from my previous job when I was an employee. Now EDD and state of California decided that I was misclassified as an independent contractor at my last job, therefore I was an employee. Now not only that because I quit I am not qualified for extended benefits I have to pay the unemployment benefits back because I quit. Does anybody have any idea what to do? I mean if I was an employee I would have never quit but at the time I was classified as a independent contractor and the employer was going to brake his contract terms. Any help would be much appreciated.thx

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