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Can my mom get a restraining order on my girlfriend simply because she doesnt like me being with her? i am 16?
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Can my mom get a restraining order on my girlfriend simply because she doesnt like me being with her? i am 16?

Me and My mom have been fusing about this from day one and she said she was going to get a restraining order on her but my girlfriend hasnt done anything. No harrasment, are anything like that! I live in south carolina and im 16 please help me if you know
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im a senior in high school so im actually really serious in this relationship i have two jobs it aint jus like i dont know an am jus jumpin in to things


marianne n
Only if she has put your life in danger or subjected you to situations that put your life in danger. IF your girlfriend is 18...then yeah she can for obvious reasons. IF you girlfriend is under 18 the courts would actually require both parents to appear to mediation and discovery. This means that your mom has to prove your girlfriend is putting your life in danger...or bodily harm.

no way jose
she needs a legal reason
(such as stalking, harrasssmenntt, verbal/mental abuse...ect...)

my daddy is a lawyer

since she has not done anything wrong or illegal, I really don't think your mom can get the restraining order.

She can ask, but courts don't issue restraining orders just because someone doesn't like someone else. There needs to be legitimate grounds for them.


It would be possible to get a restraining order if she could demonstrate potential harm. I think it is unlikely. However, she could ship you off to a private school easier. I would be more concerned with that if I were you.

No there has to be a reason to file a restraining order, such as abuse, threats, or if you two have been doing anything against the law together. Depending on what state you are in you actually have to agree to the restaining order, and sign it. Honestly though I would just take it easy your mom more than likely is giving you a threat, bc if she knew how much work it is to get a restraining order and how much time it does take she wouldnt do it. You would have to go see a judge, do a bunch of paper work. Everything will be ok your young enjoy life right now, your wasting too much time worrying about little stuff. Which i know it doesnt seem little to you, bc trust me i was in the same boat you were, and i wish i would have just stopped worrying so much about things and just enjoyed how easy life really is at 16. But dont worry everything will be ok! Enjoy LIFE!! Breath!!

Her word that says shes not allowed should be good enough. But if she says her ebing around is causing problems, yes, she can get one.

Hillary 2008
Probably b/c you're under the legal age of 18.I wouldn't be too consumed with bf or gf or whatever it is for you at this point.You should concentrate on your schoolwork.

SS4 Elby
lol you actually have to have some kind of reason to get a restraining order not just cause you dont like her. besides i dont think your mom can get one for you. sounds like major overreaction dont worry so much and just tell mom to relax and talk about it with you like the adult she is supposed to be.

Not up on SC law but generally a Restraining Order or Protective Order requires a bit more than your mom simply not liking the girl. However as you are a minor and I'm assuming you're not emancipated she can forbid you from seeing her, talking to her etc... as well as not allowing her on the property.

yea she can. you not 18 so yea.

Jeff F
She has every right to try. Your 16 and she is responsible for making decisions for your well being.

Hi Im Brad Pitt!
Wow I don't Know why your mom would be so concerned if your 16 you should be in charge not your mom dont worry you will final get away in 2 years

Let's just say Protection Orders can be CREATIVELY obtained by ANY WOMAN. As far as "harassment"......FIRST the person has to be informed she is doing something harassing unless it is something already against a law.....but take "phone calls"......your mom can claim calls to the house are harassing......but first she must tell the girl they ARE harassing and then she CAN get a restraining order to keep her from the house and family just for harassing (threatening) calls.......WOMEN CAN DO ANYTHING it seems.

NO i don't beleive so

she can if she wants you to not see her! my mom almost did it to one of my bfs when i was younger...you're a minor don't forget that

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