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Can my parents legally kick me out?
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Can my parents legally kick me out?

I'm 17 year old female living in Texas. My parents are extremely strict that i have a 9 pm curfew. Yesterday i got hit in the face by my father a couple times for coming an hour late...and hes also cutting my phone service..i'm really about to snap. I was just wondering can i get in trouble by the authorities if i disobey my parents, and go out of my house, and also can they kick me out?


Many people are making assumptions that may be true in most states, but is not true in Texas. In Texas you are considered an adult at 17. You can leave home, or they can kick you out with no repercussions of the law fir you leaving or for them kicking you out. But while you are in their house, you have to follow their rules. If your father does anything like that in the future with physical violence, contact your local police department.

.£σѕт ïи Ðяεαмℓαи∂.
your father hit you in the face a few times yesterday? call 911.

What your father did was child abuse. You honestly could go report him and get him arrested if you still have marks.

Also you're a minor, I don't know Texas law but typically your parents are obligated to be your guardians unless emancipated or you are of legal adulthood.

i got hit in the face by my father a couple times for coming an hour lat??? He hit you??? That's child abuse, call the cops.

in some states it is 17 and in others it is 18

Dark Angel
If you don't want to abide by their rules, move out. However, your father hitting you in the face is another matter. Report him to Child Protective Services; it won't make for a happier household though. Your parents can kick you out but they are still responsible for your welfare until you are 18. You should be close to graduating from high school. Get it over with and then leave on your own.

Evan Seifert
Well first of all its Illegal To Abuse A child. But Disobey your parents rules that arn't Tied with the Town State orNational Laws Wont Be trouble for the Authorities and Yes they can kick you out. I got kick out many times:D

Mikkel Wilson
There is a rule that I heard about in school where if you are over 16 that you can do an independent living thing that essentially means you are a minor, but you have some of the rights of a major. While you would have to support yourself, you would also have to go to school, but you are also considered independent from your parents, so that would mean that you do not have to follow their rules, or any other family's rules.

They can't kick you out until you are 18.


i believe they cant till your 18

If you are 18+ then yes.

not if you're under the age of 18, they can't. that's illegal.

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