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Can police track down your cell phone if you close it ?
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Can police track down your cell phone if you close it ?

Just wondering. Does the cell phone need to be on for the to track down the phone number ? And how do they track it down and is it accurate ? What if someone is driving, will it show where they are driving to ?


Yep, like they said, even if its off, but the battery is in it, it sends out a gps signal that the police can track. Its basically a map for them to follow. Yes, it shows where they are driving too. They can bring it up on the police computers, and it is fairly accurate. It has a few seconds drag, but they can find you if they want to. No doubt.

Its Bill Lumberg
If the battery is in it, even when its turned off, they can activate it - no problem to track you.

Ordinary Guy
The cell phone can be turned on in an emergency. This has been done in kidnapping cases. where the authorities listen in unknown to the bad guys.. You must remove the battery to truly disable the phone.

As long as the phone has battery power most new phones can be turned on remotely by the police if they are tracking you.So if you dont want to be found take the battery out.

Cell phones "ping" towers as they drive by if they are turned on. They can use three towers to triangulate the approximate location.

But, if you think the police will spend 10 seconds looking for a stolen cell phone, you're sadly mistaken. They don't even actively look for stolen cars, or even stolen $200,000 semi-trucks. They only find stolen items when they stumble upon them while they're doing something else.

Lots of answers from teenagers that don't know how phones actually work here.

John J. S
Your phone can be tracked unless you pull the battery out.

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