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Can someone else drive my car if I have a suspended driver license?
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Can someone else drive my car if I have a suspended driver license?

I got my d license suspended for a month and then restricted. Can someone else drive my car or the cops are going to be watching the license plate?
If I drive my car carefully can I be stop just for the car or just if I comet a traffic violation?


Fed up!
Someone else can drive your car as long as they have a license. No, they're not watching for your license plate. NO!! DO NOT DRIVE YOUR CAR ON A SUSPENDED LICENSE unless you have a lot of money you want to give to the court, you want more trouble and you want your license to be suspended for longer than a month!! Silly rabbit ;-)

Baby #1 on 12/10/08
As long as the car is registered and insured it can be driven. It along with any other car cannot be driven by you.

Other than the fact that you're not supposed to be driving, traffic violations can come up without notice. For example, I was never aware that the bulbs above my license plate had burned out until I was pulled over for it. I received a waring, however a little thing like that and a suspended license can set you up for trouble.

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