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Can the newspaper print my name?
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Can the newspaper print my name?

I am a college student and the campus newspaper printed a story on me without my permission. Furthermore, they used my name and reported wrong information. Can I do anything about this legally or such?


Newspapers, even college ones, can print anything that is newsworthy, including your name.

If the wrong information they printed was defamatory, and they printed it willfully, then you can sue them for libel.

If it was simply a mistake - They said "John Smith, a freshman", when you're actually a junior, for example, then no - you have no recourse.


If you are in the u.s., the first amendment guarantee of freedom of the press means that can print what they wish without your consent and without government interference. If the press printed an untruthful thing about you, that was detrimental to your character, and people believed it, and you suffered tangible financial harm as a consequence, and you are not a public figure, you can sue for your actual damages caused by the libel. If you are asking if a newspaper can generally print stories without your permission, the answer is yes.

You can sue for libel. They need to print a retraction.

Sandy Sandals
Contact them to print a retraction or correction.

I Am Bob
you now have the right to sue the ****s off them =D good luck

The answer depends on the situation....

I will not go into a list of hypotheticals, but there are certain protections afforded by the first amendment.

Need more details to answer this correctly

i found out today that my name and age was printed in the sunday times claiming that i was dumping waste electronics in africa illegally. to which was not true, but what had happened was that a customer who loaded from our company had bought some items from other suppliers and added them to goods purchased from us and when stopped by the environment they classed everything as waste. but the way the paper told the story was that i was shipping waste illegally stating my full name and age. can they do this

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