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Can the police assume that someone stole something without any proof and charge them for it as a felony?
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Can the police assume that someone stole something without any proof and charge them for it as a felony?

you see my bf was at a ligour store and he tried to steal some liquor, them the cops came. so he got arrested but there was more liquor in our car and the police put that down as stolen too. now can the police do that, like just assume something is stolen without proof and charge it as a felony??? i need help trying to contace someone who can hlep me get this all straigtened out


Its a wonderful life.
They can charge you for shooting JFK if they want. They just have to prove that you did it.

Sorry, but as you said yourself "He tried to steal some liquor" - even if you get them to ignore the stuff in the car he still broke the law.

Yes. If your boyfriend didn't say where he got it and he didn't have a receipt to show he paid for it, they can charge for it, and a judge would have to rule on if it was a fair charge. Since he was already caught stealing liquor, the absence of any evidence he bought the other liquor would be enough suspicion.

George S
Yes, I think they can but they need to prove it.

Police can charge people for anything they want but then they have to answer to lawyers and judges.

You're thieves, i'm not advising you. Go steal a law book.

The police will do anything they want, they intimidate people all the time, you need to get a lawyer, and NOT the public defender. Like it or not, our justice system will do what they want when they want, unless you have a decent lawyer, and sometimes that isn't even enough, just stand up for your rights, and if you aren't guilty of what they are charging you with, then fight.

If he is black then yea!
You all know it is true!
Oh and if I were you, I would leave him, why would you stick with someone who steals liquor of all things!

Yes they can, pending investigation, but that doesn't mean he will get actually charged for that extra liquor.

If the plice do not take that liquor and later it turn out to be stolen then they'd would be in serious truoble so they take everything as evidence until they can verify if it's stolen or not. It's 100% legal procedure.

Since you bf was arrested for stealing that give the police the right to asumme the rest of the itmes are also stolen. But they wont be allowed to take this to curt unless they find for a fact that it was stolen (for example they need the "real" owner to press charges).

Most likely the police is now, asking around other liquor stores if they have "lost" something similar to what they found in the car.

very simple to deal with. provide receipts for all products. of course you will not be able to provide receipts for stolen merchandise, and are liable to be charged.

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