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Can you attend AA meetings online if you are court ordered?
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Can you attend AA meetings online if you are court ordered?


shut the hell up sunset ! some people have children go to school work or all of the above and others not mentioned so before you start running your mouth about how lazy other people are when your the one sittin on the computer answerin ppls questions like a lumpnon a log! gosh ppl are rude smh but it really depends on the courthouse/state you should call or write and see what they say and be sure to mention why you need online version and theyll be more likely to work with you!

Lilac Blue
There is a OIAA directory listed group that does verification of meeting attendance and that group is Stepchat: http://stepchat.com/aa.htm This is what it says on their frequently asked question page: Yes, after you attend a meeting at StepChat.com you can fill out the form on this page to receive an email confirmation of your meeting attendance. Please check with your probation officer or caseworker to make sure that online meetings can be used to meet your court-ordered requirements. Some jurisdictions do recognize online meetings, but others do not.

Helen W.
These other answers have no clue what they are talking about. Of course there are online AA meetings. They won't help you get sober any more than the face to face variety will, but they do exist.

Typically, if you are court ordered to AA (this is unconstitutional, by the way, according to every court that has considered the issue, although it happens all the time) then you aren't allowed to fulfill the requirement via online meetings. The idea is that you need someone from the meeting to sign a piece of paper verifying that you were there.

What a lot of people do, though, is after going to a few meetings to get the lay of the land, plus a meeting list, they'll simply forge the signatures.

And for those of you who think that's so awful, keep in mind that when it comes to sobering people up, AA doesn't work.


Jose V
AA is not online. They won't allow you online because you could still be drinking at home.

Absolutely not. Stop trying to get out of something that your supposed to do.

Obviously the court ordered you to attend for a reason - get off your butt and go.

Sounds like you didn't learn anything at all from your drinking episode - Keep going, you'll be in graduate school, where you'll have big bubba for a roommate.

Online AA meetings? As far as I know there is no such a thing; they need to deal with you in person to be able to judge your attitude, and like the other guy said, you could be drinking at home and they wouldn't be any wiser.

Actually some courts and probation officers do allow online meetings that offer online verificationto the courts. SMART Recovery is an alternative to AA/NA that more courts are allowing for people to decide to use if they do not want to go to AA/NA. Most important is to ask your defense attorney,your probation officer etc. More people need to ask-and insist on choice,It is unconstitutional to force people.Most people do not know there rights. Check out www.smartrecovery.org for a list of face to face meetings and online meetings. Smart recovery does many,many verifications every week to satisfy court requirements and emploment requirements. Best of al it is free and science based. Check it out for anyone dealing with all kinds of addictions. Good luck!

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