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Can you be a bartender if convicted with a dui?
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Can you be a bartender if convicted with a dui?


it depends on the person who is hiring you. In my opinion I would say yes.

St♥rmy Skye


Anthony F
Depends on the state you live in. Laws differ between states.

the Boss
yes, but I don't think you can be a bus driver

Yeah, you may need to go to rehab of some kind, but yes you can.

Unless it's a mobile bar, and you're also the driver, why not?

Yep. Most have been convicted. You cant be a judge, a cop or part of any law enforcement deemed a conflict of interest. Imagine a cop serving someone and calling his buddy cop to arrest him for DWI.

Yes, though some states might have restrictions (not CA, WI, or NC)

depends on your state that you live in


I think it's actually a requirement

lol....yea, but if you drink your mistakes, take a cab, so you dont get busted again.

penny century
Yes, absolutely.

You can be a bartender with a murder conviction, it's not an issue.

You can be bartender with a felony. Just depends on the Bar. Most bars will not check backgrounds anyway.

Just be honest when you take your bartender exam.

Why Not? If you have to drink and bar tend then it is against the law if you are over the limit. You need to buy the book Bartenders with DUi. Author I.P. Freely.

gary s
Of course. When applying for a bartending job, you don't have to submit your criminal record, so the person hiring you should never even know you had a DUI (unless you tell them). But even if you did tell them, there is no law that says you can't work as a bartender if you had a DUI. You might have trouble getting a job as a school bus driver, but not a bartender.

Crissy T
Is it only one DUI, you can become a bartender, as long as there arent any terms if youre on probation for this DUI.

Try the site below for research on this topic and others like it. Make sure to change the location/state in which you reside or work. Hope this helps.

Sure, but your best bet is to throw parties from home!
Hope you're rich!

Ms Kamm
But, if alcohol is a problem...the last thing a person should be doing is serving drinks in a bar? It just dosen't make since to me.

If a person is a felon and it has been 15 years ago, can you still get a bartender's license? Plus if you thinking of buying the Bar. Thank you.

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