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Can you sue your spouse?
Find answers to your legal question.

Can you sue your spouse?

I know somebody close to me who's spouse broke her cellphone on purpose. (It was pretty costly) just because a guy friend gave it to her. He was arrested and is out of the house know for fighting with her AND HER KIDS! and I was wondering can she sue him for breaking her cellphone? It was costly it had all her infomation on it, but the only thing is she didn't buy it with her own money. Could she still sue him for something she didn't buy?


Ignore the users above; they do not have the faintest idea what they're talking about.

Yes, she can sue. The fact that the callphone is a gift is irrelevant; so, too, is her relationship status. Essentially she would an action in trespass to property to compensate the value of the phone.

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it sounds like this marriage is on the rocks and just will not work and a divorce is in order make the cell phone part of the separation demands

Suing your spouse is called "divorce". That's the only way you really can. If you stayed married after suing your spouse, their debt would be your debt as well; so you would owe yourself whatever payment was found in your favor.

Bob T
no it's community property.

No she can't sue him. First reason they are still married and second if she'll sue him then he will leave her. So if she doesn't want to break her marriage then she shouldn't sue her spouse. But sounds like their marriage is not working out.

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