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Change name by common usage?
Find answers to your legal question.

Change name by common usage?

How exactly does changing name by common usage work?

If I choose not to change my actual legal name, but change my name through common usage law, can I put my new name onto my driver's license, resume, bank accounts, etc (anything except the birth certificate)?

How exactly can I change my name through common usage? What is the process behind it?

For your information, I live in Alberta,CAN
Thank you,


Not sure how things are up there in Canada, these days, but here in the US everybody's so identification-happy that I wouldn't recommend trying to change one's name that way. It's still legal most places, so far as I know, but you would spend more time explaining and arguing with people than if would take to make the change through the legal process.

Maybe it's different up there, in which case, ignore what I just said and read the more helpful answers.

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