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Children are destroying my property!?
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Children are destroying my property!?

Ok, so here's the story.

Our house is the only house that has a sidewalk in front of it because it's really the only new house in our neighborhood... therefore the nicest house on our street. There are two kids that live 3 houses down from us that take turns skidding there bike tires all over our drive way and all over the sidewalk. Just in the past couple days our sidewalk and drive way has gone from nice and clean, to absolutely disgusting. The same two children stand out in the middle of the street throwing rocks and other miscellaneous items at passing cars. The other day, I was coming home from work and the younger of the two kids picked up a "branch" and tried hitting my car with it as i drove by. But I stopped and got out of my car and they ran off. This morning, I walked out to the front of my house and these kids had a couple of friends with them in my drive way and were trying to get into my car.

I've told these kids several times to stay off of our property, but every day i come home from work and they are in my drive way or my front yard. I don't think the parents really care about what they're children are doing because when the younger boy was about a year old, he was walking down the street in nothing but a diaper and my boyfriend and I called the cops because we stood out on their front porch banging on the door for about half an hour and couldn't find his parents. The cop showed up and he banged on the door for a good 20 minutes and looked all around the place looking for them. Finally after the cop walked back to our house, a woman, who i assume was his mother, walked outside, saw the cop, grabbed the boy by his arm, lifted him off the ground and started hitting him. The cop did nothing, which kind of made me mad.

Anyway, there is the back story to my question.

Is there anything that I can do, legally, about these kids destroying my property? I know it may not seem like much of an issue to some people, but these kids are allowed to act like a bunch of imps and no one is doing anything about it.


Kevin k
Talk to the parents first. Explain the problems you have with them attacking your car. Most responsible parents will stop the kids from doing anything like this.

Call the police non-emergency number and complain if the parents refuse or are unable to stop their kids. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

The skid marks on the sidewalk are minor. Yes, it does not look nice, but can be cleaned up (better by the kids, but not so bad if you have to do it). The driveway is another matter especially if it leads to damage to your vehicles.

Best advice is to set up a security camera to observe your car's parking space. If the kids try to break in again, you might be lucky enough to catch them on tape. Do not mention anything about setting up the camera, why tip your hand?

start taking pictures of them any time they are on your property

Best case, the children are tresspassing. You should try to get a restraining order banning the children from your property.

Write a letter to the parents.
Tell them that you will call the police EVERY time you witness this behavior.

Then do it.

Ugh... I hate kids that ruin the whole neighborhood.

Videocam them and send it to the local news station. Contact the Homeowner's Association, if your neighborhood is ran by one.

Put up Cameras and a Fence. Talk to their Parents and if that does not go well, file a police report and take them to court for damages to your property and make them pay to have it fixed. You can also put them on the Ripoffreport.com! Money out of pocket, usually Stops bad behavior!

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