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Could anyone tell me how long you serve in prison if you get an eight year 3 month sentence?
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Could anyone tell me how long you serve in prison if you get an eight year 3 month sentence?

my ex got that for a very violent crime and just wanted to know if he will do most of that so i dont have to worry about him turning up at my door anytime soon


At the worst case scenario, he will do at least half that. So I think you will be ok for at least 4 years.

evil g-bo
about 4 years if he behaves

John D
Half it, then take off any time in remand, as long as he behaves.

he will only do half if he is well behaved ,the above answer is wrong in the uk u only do half

desert camel
normally,if he behaves himself, he will only serve 4 years....

Sadly its very rare anyone does anything more than half their sentence.

Take the 8 years and 3 months and take off double the amount of time spent on remand in custody before sentence (if there was any).

Then divide the answer by 2 to give the likely time when he is eligible for parole.

The time between release and the rest of the sentence unserved is called the licence period - the commission of any offence during that time may lead to recall to prison to serve some or all of the rest of the sentence.

There are early release provisions, however, and you should bear in mind that you are now eligible for release as early as 270 days (9 months) before the half-way point in your sentence. These provisions came in last year.

The answer could therefore be as little as 3 and a half years, not including time spent on remand.

Not the answer you want to hear, I suspect, but perhaps best that you know.

(By the way, the two-thirds rule for sentences over 4 years was abolished in 2005)

Violent crime? I hope he stays in prison the full sentence.

Ansell A
Well it should be 8 yrs and 3 months but if he pleaded guilty then there is an automatic reduction and then with parole he will probably be out in about 4 yrs.

for our US cousins. The UK is not the US and sadly in this country our criminals get all sort of reductions in their sentences.
Another example of politicians not listening to the people.

well i don't know where in the world you are!! but in England as long as you behave you only serve half your sentence, if he gets into trouble inside, he will be in there for longer, also after a certain time they can appeal to go on parole, which means they will be out of prison, but will still be under certain rules and regular monitoring. if they breach the terms of their parole, they go staight back to prison. hope this helps

John 16
I am not expert but I would guess five years. They like to let them go early so they can keep them on a short leash. With parole always being threatened to be revoked the idea is that they will be good boys.

For a real answer you should contact the district attorney that prosecuted him. If he doesn't know, he can tell you whom to ask.

Hi, Unfortunately he will probably only do half or even less and get out in 4 years on good behaviour, Its stupid i dont know why they bother saying they will go down for 6 yrs etc when they never do more than half a sentence?? pointless, If your worried you can have a restraining order on him when he does get out so he cant (legally) go near you or your house, Hope your ok there is nothing worse than being scared like that, By the sounds of it he is a idiot and with any luck he might get into trouble whilst in jail and have to do his full sentence. Try not to worry, Katie.

4-6 years minus pre-trial custody at double or triple time.

state time you have to do two thirds of your sentence so 15 years is10 federal time you have to do 80% of time so 15 years is12

What part of "8 years, 3 months" do you not understand?

The only way he could get out in less time is if he behaves in prison and is given parole. To do that they have to have parole hearings. You need to get on the list of those to be informed of such hearings so you know when they take place. That way if he does get parole you will know about it.

Henry ツ
8 years and three months unless he behaves then they can get out earlier :S

carlyy ☮
uhh...eight year sentence means EIGHT YEARS IN PRISON....duh?

I want to help but in the question title you have put "eight year 3 month sentance". I'm not sure if you intended it but maybe change the question if you didn't mean to.
If you want to find out there will be websites online that will tell you, search on google, or if you really can't find the answer call the local council and ask (you might not want them to know your worried tho i dont know.)
Hope I helped

Some of u people given answers that are 4 people in US in ENGLAND it's totally different than over there. It's harder over there u do much more time.

A friend received a 4.7 year sentance in a federal prison for insurance fraud in texas. How much time will need to be srved before she can get out. Any help about the federal prison system would help. Thank you:)

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