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Do you pay child support on bonus or overtime pay ?
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Do you pay child support on bonus or overtime pay ?

My employee makes $320 wk on 40hrs and gets another $150 on overtime. But we slow down in the winter. Do they base it on 40 hrs , or yearly ? ( in arkansas )


I live in Arkansas, but when my Dad had to pay child support it was always a set amount. So I assume it was based on the year. Unless there was an agreement that he'd always pay that amount.

You pay on every penny you make unless you have a max payment CAP.

uncle billy
in most states & settlements he will pay on all income.

kdd a
it does not matter, he'll stay have to pay the same amount and percentage. Everytime you pay him, you pay her.

u most report all income to child support ar u will be in trouble with the government - after all its his kid and he should pay!!!

I think it is ridiculus to pay child support really. Think about it, if a woman says i don't want the baby, she can just go, get an abortion and not deal with the financial aspect of having the kid. If a man says I don't want it, he's screwed and has to pay out the anus in child support. Double standards, think about it.

Thomas F
IIRC, child support deductions are set as a percentage of estimated annual earnings, and a set amount is deducted from each paycheck. This, however, can depend on the judge and both parties as to how child support is determined. Generally, I've seen flat amounts, so whether your employee gets overtime or not, the same amount is taken from each check.

Read the notice carefully for the terms of deduction, and contact the court if you have further questions.

whatever the court or support agreement sez.

I also live in Arkansas, and my lawyer had it set up on 40 hours a week. It makes no difference whether they make 5000 dollars a week, or 500 a week, the only way to change the weekly pay scale is for them to go back to court.

You would have to check your state laws but it is based on a 40 hour week. Your employees ex-wife( husband) could take him( her) back to court and try and seek an increase in child support. The amount of support is also based on the number children that are in the household.
If you really care for your employee, give him or her a raise. You are only paying $8.00 dollars per hour. Giving that person a living wage of at least $ 10.00 dollars per hour plus some overtime.

call your friend of the court or an INDEPENDENT family law attorney. not one that has been involved with either side of the divorce.

The right thing to do is to pay on the overtime and bonuses. for the LEGAL thing call the lawyer.

Depending on how it was arranged when it was determined is how it is removed. Unfortunately, it most cases it is based on the previous years salary. I know many men that spend an hour or two every week in Domestic Relations arguing over 5-25 dollars a week and successfully have it reduced based on job slow downs. On that same note I know exwives that do the same knowing exhubby picked up a second job delivering pizzas because he couldn't pay his rent. The Child Support system is in need of serious revamping.

It isn't fair to anyone involved.

My child support was determined by the average of the total amount of money that I made in the prior 3 years. This would include overtime or bonuses.

It's only right since the money is for the support of his child(ren). I sure he is very happy to support his kids financially as well as mentally and emotionally.

I would say yearly

I think they take an average and work out a weekly amount that way.

The managing conservator, the parent who keeps the child, and the possessory conservator, the parent who generally pays the child support, each are given orders. The child support is ordered, by taking an average of the possessory conservator's annual pay and then taking a percentage of that, to be spread out in payments throughout the year. This order may also include mandatory insurance coverage and other articles as well.

Mary J
Your child support should either be set at a percentage of your wages, or a set monthly amount. Most are set at a monthly amount. If it isn't, you need to make it that way. If you are paying a percentage, then overtime and bonuses are going to be deducted from.

megan a
Wow good question. I have no idea though. I think they base it on 40 hours though. What ever information you bring in when they set down the child support amount is what it is continuously going to be. I'm pretty sure though that you can ask for it to be lowered since your financial status has changed.

No. Child support is a set amount. If the custodial parent wants to sue to adjust the wage based on overtime, s/he must go back to the family court and have the amount adjusted. Your employee should do more if he makes more - but it's purely a moral thing and on him.

Not me
child support is based on a percentage of your annual income reported on your taxes for the last year. Most states it cannot be changed except for every few years so the courts don't get backed upo and changes are not made yearly.

Sweet Dreams
yes. child support is not a based rate anymore. its on a percentage of all wages made, including overtime, bonuses, even vacation/sick day pay. if its on a check to cash, child support will be taken from it.

It depends.. Honestly, if someone was smart and worked a seasonal job like that.. They should put in the papers that the overtime or bonus can't be touched!!!

Otherwise, I think any income is fair game... I believe they use your w2's and base the c/s on the yearly wage..

C/s stinks!

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