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Do your parents have the right to kick you out the house at 16 years old?
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Do your parents have the right to kick you out the house at 16 years old?

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i'm just curious by the way, it isnt happening to me lol.


probably.. a better question is, why did they kick you out? were you making their lives miserable?

In Scotland yes as you are legally an adult, don't know about the rest of the UK as the law there states you are an adult at 18.

Yep. You'll go into supported living.

Kimmeh =]
Well, yeah, they do. It's technically their house, and you're not really old enough to do anything for yourself - like buy a phone, rent out a place, etc.

Same thing happened to me, but I just stayed at a friend's house and kept going to school regularly. Her parents understood, so they didn't mind.

your parents have the right to kick you out when they see fit, before 16yrs they have to make sure you find a stable home and inform social services, at 16 you are legally able to get a house

taxed till i die,

p h
If you are giving them grief - yes!

Bad Girl Gets Spanked
Too right so you better shape up matey lol


by law they can evict you on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour. if you have nowhere to go. contact SHELTER for information on hostels etc.

Your parents have the right to kick you out of the house, as it were, at any age. They would only be responsible for your continued financial support until you reach adulthood.

In the UK you can legally leave home with your parents' consent, so if they kick you out you have their consent.
Try to get it in writing so that you can take it to your local council and they can help you find somewhere.

Just Me.
Yes. Because your now legally of age. My parents wouldnt kick me out even if i was 20.

Yes, we kicked our son out for a night younger than 16. He slept in the car in the garage. Had a nice sleeping bag to stay warm. Not as comfortable as his own bed though.

Yes they can. All they have to is drive you to Nebraska. See the link:

YES IN SPAIN 18 before that a big fine
Behave yourself and maybe they will let you stay

yes but you can claim support from the government

Yes..if your a looser and are disrupting the family...get lost pal.

David M
as long as inland revenue are informed so your parents benafits are stoped they can make you leave as long as a place of stay is given

like to know56
I wood pay the fine and make it worth it get out pal and get a life

yes if there are family problems but your council should be able to help you out for an hostel if it comes to it

I don't think they should unless of course you misbehave constantly and give them grief, but if that's their choice, yes they can

aires69uk OFFICIAL
Your parents had the right to kick you out of the house at any age - in theory you could've gone into care. But to answer your question to the point - yes your parents can kick you out of the house at the age of 16 years old. As you'd be old enough be employed, you'd legally be considered old enough to look after yourself.

yes they do. if you act like an idiot then your parents have no legal obligation to sit and take the abuse.

Kit Fang
Yes. Your parents have financial responsibility for you until you are 16. This means they have to pay for you. They also have the responsibility for you welfare, so again, they have to make sure you are alright, and so kicking you out would go against that. However, once you are 16, they may kick you out if they wish.

Jake G
Yes, but you can get benifits for abandonment or child neglactlange. Will people please answer my question.

Daniel ツ
hmmmmm im not sure but i think they can or i think they can until your 18

edward iz awesome
i don't think they can legally but it costs alot of money to go legally....

Dazed and confused
i think it is not thinking straight to even address the question because a person in that position should be aware that in as little as two more years they can be told to leave the house and not come back; to make it on their own so that person should be concentrating on the real world as it is gonna be a cruel world for someone not prepared for it

Siver C
I don't think so. But they could have you declared incorrigible and that my friend would be very bad. So behave ... it's only for 2 more years

my avatar's hot!
Depends on the state, in the majority of states the age is 18, not 16.

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