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Does a man legally/morally have the right to hit a woman in means of self-defense?
Find answers to your legal question.

Does a man legally/morally have the right to hit a woman in means of self-defense?

Or should he instead use a non-violent approach , such as pushing her away from him , or restraining her against the wall/floor until police arrive?


No. But there are exceptions to every rule. However, in this case she had better have a black belt in karate and beating the heck out of you. And yet if that was the case, you should be running instead of swinging back. LOL.

If you are serious I apologize. Seriously, a man should never strike a lady. If you can restrain her without hurting her, that's o.k. But the best thing to do is just get out of there until she cools off.

I hope you don't have this problem. Have a nice day.

i lov the jo bros
if a woman starts beating u up and/ or about to kill u , u have the right to hit her

some women are pretty violent so I won't hesitate to whap her. Of course, I'll give her several chances to back off but when its on, its ON

If a woman attempts to hit me like a man, I will hit her like one. She has no right to attack your physical being. And remember Woman have equal rights now. Time for her to have a fist and eat it too. Remember this is what woman wanted right!!!!!

seriously I see nothing wrong with striking a woman who is trying to harm you.

He shouldn't hit her back, if he can help it. That's a domestic battery charge, and it could backfire, and put you in jail. I would recommend pushing her away, and get out of the house as fast as you can, to avoid the chances of arrest. Call 911 from a neighbors home. Law enforcement is required by state law to make an arrest, or both of you if they can't determine the primary aggressor. So avoiding the physical confrontation is good advice.

Yes. Women are just as capable of inflicting harm on people as men. although strength is important we will all agree than women are not weaklings as evident by the numerous crime committed by women. Although the non-violent approach should be the first tactic employed, there are cases whereby one needs to protect themselves by all means necessary.

I think you try a less violent approach to stop her and wait for police. However is she gets too violent, I think you should try to use more strength.

Did You Get That Memo?
Well clearly it's a no win situation. If a woman unloads a barrage of blows on a guy's face and he lets it happen while abiding by the "you never hit a woman" standard, he is labeled a wimp. If he tosses a few back to subdue his attacker, he is labeled an angry, evil man for hitting a woman. Whew. Tough choices, huh?

depends how big the girl is, if she is small and skinny then try to hold her back, if she is 6'4 285, then try to run away and is she catches you then start swinging.

if she is really hot then rip her shirt off that will stop her in her tracks.

The Questioner
No, just walk away and report her to the police. If you hit her, she will claim you did it first.

Pushing is considered violent. Anyway he SHOULD restrain her if possible, but he may need to hit her to get her restrained. Of course a man is legally allowed to defend himself. Doesn't matter who it is against, the other person changes what is considered self-defense.

Gentle Giant
Any person, male or female, should always use the least amount of force necessary for self protection.
Legally, I suppose a man has the right to hit a woman in self defense but, unless she's armed, only a very little male would do so. Surel;y he would not be considered a man.

joseph b
Everybody has the right to defend one's self, if the lady needs a beat down to accomplish this then so what?

I see no point in striking, unless you intend to render her unconscious, what's the point? If the police arrive and see you on top of her, they will still go for you (the male) first, even if you are just trying to restrain her. Only winning strategy is to leave the situation entirely. If she were attacking someone else, a third party, it may be another story.

Don Glarr
I think when it comes to women, men are in a constant state of self-defense. You might be more specific.

Unless he wishes to spend some time in the Klinky and more time in court, he best have visible wounds (including defensive ones) if he chooses to hit her.

Best action would be to "leave the battlefield".

Just remember that the police and courts seem to have some weirdo notion that any man that hits a woman is automaticlly a thug and a wife beater and the man will more than likely be the one charged with assault Unless she's comming at you with a knife or gun it's probably best to take a few lumps and call 911 while your running away.
But then if she (anybody) did have a knife or gun I'd be gone in a split second anyway.

Yes, in any situation. Man rules all.

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