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Does my ex have legal rights to his belongings if he left it at my house when we broke up?
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Does my ex have legal rights to his belongings if he left it at my house when we broke up?

My boyfriend and I lived together for about a month and but he was caught cheating and I kicked him out. Now he wants his clothes that I bought for him but he left in my house. And he wants to call the police on me, does he havelegal rights to his personal clothes or belongings that he left in my house?


Property doesn't magically change hands just because someone moves out. It's his stuff. I could write you pages of legal reasons the stuff is the a**hole's. However, that's not the real rason you give him the stuff. Why do you want it? To hurt him? Keeping it will just remind you of how he cheated on you. So will every instance of dealing with him over this.

Avoid the fight, the inconvenience, the drama, and the emotional pain and move on with your life. Put everything that was his in a box (or boxes). Don't break anything. Call him and tell him it will be where and when he can pick it up. Leave it with a mutual friend before the ex arrives, and move on with your life.

Your best bet is to box up EVERY last thing that is his and give it to him.

Eric C
If they are HIS property - he has every right to get them.

More than likely yes, if it was a gift, if you want to be rid of him give them back.

Lavrenti Beria
yes, just give him his crap and be done with him.

Of course he does. Don't be stupid. His possessions have nothing to do with your emotions.

Yes you kicked him out before he could get his belongings and besides WWJD? It's the right thing to do.....

Crystal Blue Persuasion
He has legal and moral rights to his property. Give him his stuff and be done with him.

Yes if you don't give them to you he can sue you in small claims for illegal eviction, you don't have to have a rental agreement with someone to illegally evict them. You must give the person 30 days to move. The clothes you bought were gifted to him so he legally is entitled to them. Sorry I wish I could tell you to give his clothes to goodwill to help someone else since he is morally bankrupt.

Brad V
Work it out with him amicably, if you really want him gone. He could make it rough for you, if you chose to keep his personal belongings. You may have paid for them, but then, that makes them gift items. The law says, they are his, so why fight it.

If you really want to be rid of this guy, give him his stuff and send him on his way. This is a small price to pay for getting rid of him.

He could take you to small claims court, and I believe the court would side with him, on the personal stuff.

Let him call the police, all they are going to do is show up with him and watch him take HIS stuff so that he doesnt throw a fit, and get violent, but thats if they come. I dunno if your local PD will want to do that if he has already "moved" out though.

So you kicked him out (he did not leave by choice) and now you want to steal his personal property.

It does not sound like he abandoned his property, so yes, he has legal rights to his property.

I would send him a letter - certified mail- requesting that he come and pick his property up within 30 (of the date of the letter). Or you could move his property to a storage unit - pay 2 months worth of storage fees on it and send him a certified letter telling him where his property is - the code to get to it and that you have paid 2 months rent - after that it is his responsibility. This plan costs you some (the 2 months storage) but it gets you rid of him.

Although you are mad at him (and probably have every right to be) do not damage his property or he will be able sue you for the damage. So you can't burn it or throw it out in they yard to be rained on or stolen. However, you do not have to keep it indefinitely.

In the end - give him his property (even the clothes -gifts- you bought him) and be done with him. Continuing to hold his property hostage or threatening to damage it only keeps him in your life and prevents you from moving on.

Yes they are his. Just take the higher road and give him back his stuff since he wants to get them. That will save you more headaches instead of just fighting back and forth. Just give yourself time to heal and that does not mean be vengeful. Besides what goes around comes around and he might end up with someone that cheats on him.

did u call him and tell him to get them? how long has it been? have u given him plenty of oppurtunties to get them, if nnot then yes he hass rights to HIS possessions

Of course he does. Just give them back to him so you never have to see him again.

Yes. Throw them out on the lawn. Be nice.

The Weasel
Again grow up!! Maybe this ought to be a lesson to you not to move in with someone you obviously don't know. Try getting married first.

It's really immature that you want to keep his stuff. I would have dropped you like a dead weight long ago.

It depends on the state you are in. In some states you are free to get rid of it as you choose, in others you cannot do anything with the belongings unless you do stuff like put ad's in the paper, and try to notify him for a few months, but in most of these states you can charge him a storage fee.

Don't make the mistake of just throwing it out unless you're pretty sure he isn't the suing type, unless you live in a state where 'abandoned' property can be disposed of without penalty.

Jackie B
Yes. He still owns the property but you can charge him storage if he doesnt collect them.

he will be needing proof of purcahce to begin with credit card statements reciepts gaurentees and so on .....In the uk if you have been together for a period of time(which i think at the moment is set at two years then you are both intitled to split and share you assets surly you dont want to take the clothes of the mans back ???

yeh he does, if he bought them, but if you bought them then you don't have to give them to him...

Laura J
No he does not. Burn them.

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