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Dying with no money to pay for funeral?
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Dying with no money to pay for funeral?

the person arranging the funeral does not qualify for any grant and they cannot afford the funeral do the state step in and arrange does anyone know please what happens


the burden is placed on the family..they have to come up with the money..it doesn't matter if they have the means or not...it will be their responsiblility or that of the power of attorney

Susie D
I do know that for unclaimed bodies the state arranged a paupers funeral, but that is about all I know.

Not to sound tacky and mean, but cremation really cuts the cost of a funeral because there is not casket, no viewing, etc. It's a viable alternative for about 1/3 of the cost.

A. B
All you have to do is not claim the body from the hospital and the hospital takes it from there (if the one dying is in the hospital.) Try that.

Check with the Social Services, or with your religion leadership in your area, and ask friends & relatives for any solutions...and how to raise funds fast, and do not include your Doctors in the plans...because when they found out you are raising funds...they will create new Medical Bills...and they will consume the funds with false hopes...before you will be able to use the funds for the real thing. Last sugestion donate your body to the Medical science...this way you will not have to wory about funeral bills before and after you go.

If the family have no money (for example, being on Social Security) there is a grant available for the funeral costs-in the UK

mad keith
when you died you need not worry your dead so some one has got to get rid of you so it will be the local council i dont have any insurance for why i go to a better world and i know that the council will not be able to track me down to issues an invoice or come to that a fine for drooping dead

I think that State does have a responsibility to bury people if they really can't afford it, but usually it's the family that have to pay most of the costs.

I honestly don't know but you should contact your local authority/social services to talk to them. Presumably, the State will help - there must be many people who die without money to pay for their funeral.

Yes, the state has an interest in disease control, so they will arrange for disposal of the remains of someone who is indigent, unclaimed (a 'john doe') or is otherwise unable to arrange for a burial/cremation.

If no one assumes responsibility for a deceased person, the body is disposed of as provided by law. In most states it is local county or municipal governments; in some it is state; in some a combination. In a few places the health department or even the police do it but in most disposal is handled by local funeral homes under contract. They prepare & embalm the body & either cremate & bury the ashes or truck the body out to wherever the local government has supplied a burial field. As I understand it more & more governments are moving toward cremation.

Elizabeth Dreams
i have heard that the poorest member of a family would usually apply for a burial grant (unemployed, on income support etc). when no insurance monies are available.

sexy sal
in the uk if you speak to the social security you will get a grant from them being if its for a partner a member of family etc look in to it im sure they will help good luck my friend

In the UK if the deceased has made National Insurance contributions in the 2 years prior to their death then the next of kin (in certain cases) can claim a bereavement grant, this would cover the funeral costs.

Suggest you contact the local social services department - they usually have information like this on their web sites - also the link may help.

Well if the family can't pay then the local council will have to bury the deceased,

Sir Hard & Thick
If you throw them out in the street and no one Identifies them, then the county will bury them as a Jane or john doe. other wise, too bad! We are the greasiest country!!

William E
No the state does not step in. Funerals are the burden of the family or heirs of the deceased person. Now there is a Social Security death benefit, but that is only $250.00 for somebody already receiving social security benefits.

The funeral expenses are a debt of the estate of the deceased person, so if the person dying had any property, it is appropriate to liquidate that to pay the funeral debts--ahead of distributing it to any heir.

If there is no estate, then usually the next of kin foot the bill.

There are alternatives to expensive funeral arrangements.
The average funeral, not including cemetary fees, costs about $6,000. However, there are organizations that can do it for considerably less--one such organization is CAFA. Cremation is less expensive than a burial, so you might want to check out this alternative as well.

Another possibility is did the deceased belong to a fraternal organization--like the Masons? My grandfather's burial plot was purchased for him by his Masonic Lodge, so you might want to check with any organizations the deceased person belonged to, they may have a death benefit of some kind.

Also, the Federal Trade Commission has rules on funerals which can help you keep the costs lower..some of the rules are:

According to the Funeral Rule:

you have the right to choose the funeral goods and services you want (with some exceptions).
the funeral provider must state this right in writing on the general price list.
if state or local law requires you to buy any particular item, the funeral provider must disclose it on the price list, with a reference to the specific law.
the funeral provider may not refuse, or charge a fee, to handle a casket you bought elsewhere.
a funeral provider that offers cremations must make alternative containers available.

Local funeral homes will take care of those who have no resources, on a rotating basis. The funeral is dignified, but is very simple.

i thought it was referred to as paupers but i like to think the family pays for it that has more respect for the departed

r u saying that ur dying???? that is sooo sad. im sorry, idk how 2 answer ur question!

Theodore Sebastian
If they cant afford it dont bother burying them. Its what they get for being so poor, they deserve to be put in a burlap sack and thrown to the bottom of a river.

My sister is in this position. Her baby`s father passed away 4dys ago and she has no money to bury him. Ha has no money to his name either. She has been told she cannot claim any money and iff she could the undertakers still want money up front???? The coroner has said theey will keep him until shee finds the money. Even a municipal funeral costs £1349. Looks like he will have a `paupers` funeral.

@ Theodore Sebastian: You are a cruel and heartless person. You have no idea what life circumstances may have put someone in such a postion. No one WANTS to be poor. Karma is a bitch, and no one escapes; be careful what you wish upon others, for it may come back upon yourself!

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