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Has the war on drugs really helped the drug prblem in the US or has it made it worse?
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Has the war on drugs really helped the drug prblem in the US or has it made it worse?


Gianna M
I feel it has become worse. I watch all these marijuana raids on t.v., over 1 million dollars worth of marijuana seized, etc.. The police are busting Marijuana dealers and users left and right. But you don't hear about the police making Heroine bust, and here in Chicago that is the bigest problem on our streets. Heroine has become so widely used amongst people from all walks of life. The addiction rate is incredible! The pushers are now lacing heroine with Fetinol which is causing overdoses and deaths all over the city. The Heroin addicts can't get high enough, its crazy!
If they hear of a drug spot where people are overdosing from they go running there in hopes to get the good sh*t!
If we legalized Marijuana for personal use it would free up the police& Feds to go after the hardcore drugs. Alcohol is more damaging than marijuana, but as long as you are of legal age & don't consume in public, you are free to do what you want with it.

it has just been a huge waste of tax dollars. they should be legalized and taxed, just like alcohol.
the prisons are full of otherwise innocent people, while the real criminals are on the street.

The government has spent billions on ad campaigns and recent studies have proven that they have not made a dent in marijuana use among teenagers.

It is a colossal waste of taxpayer's money.

Our society needs to take a more Libertarian approach to our drug problem and it will do much more toward solving it than any of the current tactics. (In other words, legalize, regulate, tax, and continue to educate, and keep treatment programs available for those whose use becomes a problem.)

Made it much worse. Now drugs are controlled by criminal-types, like gangs and stuff. It's cut with all sorts of horrible substances, and sometimes isn't even the drug it's marketed as. The prices are artificially inflated, causing more poverty for addicts.

Marijuana (and most hallucinogens) are not affected in most of those ways, they're just too expensive. But marijuana users are put in jail for doing nothing but smoking pot. Many are otherwise law-abiding citizens, and now they are clogging our jails.

Bad news all over.

Oh yes, it has helped the drug dealers a lot. If drugs were legal how could they make a living, and what would we do with all the prison space?

A growing group of police, judges and other criminal justice professionals believe the War on Drugs to be our country's most destructive social policy.. Based on their long years of experience working the front lines of the drug war they have concluded that it's time to end drug Prohibition.

Across North America, citizens are realizing the futility of asking police and the criminal justice system to "control" a multi-billion dollar annual illegal drug market. Despite the best intentions, cops have no way to monitor and control a market that is run by mysterious, unidentified players who work behind closed doors and on the shadowy streets and alleys of our residential neighborhoods.

An illegal network cannot compete with a licensed, regulated free market system of distribution. That's the common sense approach we've applied the past 72 years for the most dangerous and risky drugs - alcohol, tobacco and pharmacueticals.

Legalizing drugs will not solve all the very real problems we have that are the byproducts of drug abuse. But it will eliminate virtually all violence affiliated with the current illegal market. And it will immediately allow police and public regulators to identify all dealers thanks to the open system of licensed regulation.

Meanwhile, the tens of billions of taxpayers dollars spent across North America to wage the 35 year old, frutiless "War on Drugs" can be rechanneled into providing improved education and more drug treatment options for those citizens with true abuse problems.

More information available at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition http://leap.cc , a non-profit educational org

Sincere inquiries and feedback also welcome by writing me, Steve Heath using email heath at leap.cc

Steve in Clearwater FL USA

i'm not saying anyone should use drugs but SO many people have one or another habit that's unacceptable ,or even illegal but they are still upstanding people.i think the war on drugs makes more criminals and tends to cause an over abundance of drugs that kill. i really have seen in life around me that the legal toxin (alcohol) is by far the most personality changing,evil makeing family wreaking,self esteem killing drug there is .

I don't know how much you know about our legal system, but the war on drugs has been a waste of tax payers money. Especially when the drug are confiscated and the same drugs are circulated back to the streets. There is corruption in every city because there is money to be made. In my city we had a cop that was part of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program. During the day he would go to the schools and talk to the kids about the DARE program, and at night he was "The Dope-man".

It has made it worse because the prices for drugs is high because it is illegal. It creates more crime(because of higher profits and for the user trying to get money for drugs). Then police want more money to fight drug crimes. It would be much cheaper and less dangerous if they made it legal and had treatment centers. I mean I would rather treat the abuse than get mugged and/or murdered by some crackhead.

Drug problem in the US? There's no drug problem here; we can find whatever we need to get high, and at a damned good price, too ...

The war on drugs in the US is the same sort of dumb show--a blur of spinning wheels meant to hide the lack of forward motion--as the security screening at airports. The drug warriors probably have not aggravated addiction and other symptoms of the drug problem, but I doubt that they have improved things either. The biggest issue here is that it represents a huge waste of resources. See this link to an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times about federal DEA crackdowns on marijuana clubs that are legal under California state law: http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-klausner26jan26,0,7295338.story?coll=la-opinion-rightrail
This reflects an inherent institutional bias: DEA agents, like any other cops, want arrests and convictions, and it's a lot easier to bust pot-smoking cancer patients than a meth lab owned by the Hell's Angels.

Worse. No inherent crime in drugs.

Absolutely not. The war on drugs is a sham & a waste of taxpayers money. Read Sheriff Bill Masters book on the subject "Drug War Addiction: Notes from the Front Lines of America's #1 Policy Disaster". Bill has been the Sheriff of San Miguel Co. in Southwest Colorado since 1980.

As far as the drug problem itself is concerned, I don't think that the "war on drugs" has really made much difference either way, in terms of the prevalence of drug use/abuse. I expect it would be about the same whatever the government does. The war on drugs has certainly created a lot of collateral problems, most notably the terrible prison overcrowding we have, and the ruin of peoples lives because they became addicted. It would seem, that after 30 years of a failed policy, we would, at least, begin to look at alternatives, but, unfortunately, that hasn't happened, and is not likely to happen soon. It is political suicide in this country to even suggest the decriminalization of drugs.
I'm inclined to believe, that drug use is a problem we'll never solve.

its made the crimminals that run this nation rich, its made hordes of police and its has helped the communists push their agenda to destroy the white middle class

its made a lot of crimnal police rich and drug dealers also

Consider that we have spent hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars on the war on drugs since the 80's, yet there are more drugs on the streets of this country then there has ever been. Drugs are easier to get for some kids than cigarettes. Cocaine, crack, and heroin are stronger and more potent than they have ever been. Every few weeks we hear about the huge busts they make at the border, they show off big bundles of pot and cocaine and say they are making progress, yet the average user on the street never sees a dent in the supply. Think about that and you'll have your answer.

It has made it so much worse. You can actually get less jail time for killing someone with a gun than for simple marijuana possession. Is that ridiculous or what? Also, it is a huge waste of money. It costs so much to imprison people. Imagine how much of the money saved by legalizing drugs could go towards worthwhile things, such as feeding the hungry. Everyone should read Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser. It completely changed the way I look at Drugs and the War on them.

Try reading the book "Freakonomics" by Steven D. Levitt. It is rather enlightening on the subject... and a few more. Have fun!

"War on Drugs" is a catch phrase created to convince the nation that there is an actual strategic plan in place to abolish our nation's drug problems and the crime related to it. It, like Osama bin Ladin is a hokes. If our nation put as much energy and money into our drug situation as they did with Saddam, an impact could have been made.

It probably has helped somewhat, but when you look at other things we could be spending out tax $$$ on, it is not cost-effective, at least not in the way we are going about it. Better I think to legalize non-violent drugs (or at least allow them to be prescribed to addicts), better educate children by explaining what drugs do and admitting why people take them (we need to get a little deeper than "Just say no" or "This is your brain on drugs").

Guerrilla M
It is helping to define and enforce laws but will never end drug use among people. There will always be weak people who will not heed multiple warnings and engage in behavior that will make them feel accepted and high. That's a sad reality, but still a reality.

I agree with the other posters. Filling up prisons with potheads so there's no room for murderers is not the answer.

More addiction treatment programs is the answer.

I have no references to back up my theory but I think it doesn't work because the cause of the drug abuse is not addressed. If someone intends to get high they will find a way to get high. For example using OTC cough medicine or inhaling refrigerator coolant. I wish people would use the photographs of what a pretty girl looked like before the drugs and then the after when it's hard to believe its the same person anymore. Everyone wants to look good so in my opinion it may stop some from wanting it at all.

Well hell, lets just legalize them all. Anyone that becomes a drug addict and commits crimes due to their drug use we just execute them. If they become homeless and have no food, we leave them in the cold and let them starve. Every action has reaction. You choose to use drugs and mess up don't expect those of us that don't to bail your drug addicted @sses out! You cannot have it both ways.

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