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How can I find out if a certain person owns their house ?
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How can I find out if a certain person owns their house ?

My daughter has been bit by the neighbor's dog and I need to find out if she owns the house in order to get paid for the medical bills related.


Iwould B Leveleight
Don't you need to find out who owns the dog? Maybe I'm not reading that right??? Check the county property tax roll to see who owns the house.

Heather C
google the county's appraisal district. you can look it up online for free there.

Even if they don't own their home you can still sue for the medical bills.

Jelly Bean
County court clerk's office.

Go to the county courthouse and look for the county appraiser's office or the county clerk's office, they should be able to tell you. It's a public record

The County Appraisal District

Bill K
home ownership is of a public record. you can go to the county recorders office and look it up.

Go Lakers #1
Town hall.

Bring the address.

They will tell you every piece of information they have concerning the property.

That's how it works in NY.

Saly L
prp[erty appraiser website for that particular county. or go to property apprasiers office. it's public information

Check to see if your county has their Recorder's Office and Assessor's Office online. If they are, chances are that they will have all their records online too. Then, you can just look up the house/person in question and it will list the legal owner.

Doug R
county tax records are public documents, many are online. If they own the proeprty, it will show them as the owner, if they don't it will have someone else's name and usually a different address for their tax billing address.

Those are all public files. Your city's website should provide you with all of that information.

If not, contact the city by phone. Although, chances are you could find everything you need on the web.

Best of luck!

RU Quazee
I guess you got a lawsuit going?
If they don't own the house, you can still sue, but likely won't see any money as they won't have homeowner's insurance.
Google your county tax assessors office, they will have data on who owns the property, search by name, street name or map.

Italian Stallion
go to your county web site

go to the tax records link

type in the address and the name of the taxpayers will come up


you can type in the persons name and they're possessions that they pay taxes on will come up so if they own that house then their name should show up

Tax records will show who the owner is. Most places have this information on the internet now so you probably won't even have to go to your local county office. Good Luck!

Clerk of court or county tax assessors office

The house ownership has nothing to do with you getting paid.

type in people search on either google or yahoo and it will bring up atleast 4 top seach sites and it will cost less than $10 to seach someone's background and you can see most of their info. hope this helps

I would have thought you could (and must) just sue her for it, if you really want the compensation that badly.

But you should be able to find this out from the same organisation that grants planning permission to build on a property, etc. At least, that's how it works in the UK. The "Land and Grants Office" is springing to mind for some reason. Maybe that's the appropriate US department, but I'm not (at all) sure about the name.

let me loose
the dog belongs to the woman therefore the dog is her responsibility anything her dog does she is the one liable for it. it should not legally matter if she owns the properrty or if she even lives ther her dog bite your daughter she has to pay. if she was a real woman she would have already offered to pay. what goes around comes around so never you mind she and he dog will get their comupance. also legally as her dog attacked and bite your daughter it should have been put down because it poses a fright to both the children and adults in the community.

bite the dog back, then go burglaring

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