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How can i get back at my neighbor legally?
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How can i get back at my neighbor legally?

Ok for the past 2 years now i have been having problems with my neighbor and this week he has done pushed me. so far in the last 2 years he has attempted to kill my dogs multiple times, tried to destroy my property(my fence, electric meter and 2 of my vehicles) and always verbally assaults me and im sick of it and every time i called the cops threes nothing they can do, the only thing they have done is trespass him off of my property. So i am looking for some advice on how i can LEGALLY get him back any legal or physical advise as long as it isn't a felony charge i don't care i need help.


Katie K
I doubt there's really a legal way to get him back. The only thing you can do is lay charges against him. I think the reason the police aren't doing anything about it is because of lack of proof and just your word against his. If you get proof, like video-taping his actions or maybe finding a witness who will testify with you, then you could get him charged. If you get proof that he's been trying to hurt your dog, you can get animal cruelty laws on him too. Maybe put a surveillance camera in your yard. Hopefully you'll get your proof before he does anything else to your dog or property. Good luck.

videotape the crimes

Post them on these sites

Gray Wanderer
Document the activities, keep having him trespassed, Sooner or later the police will take him in for habitual criminal activities.

Police need evidence to convict so the video recording suggestion is good advice.
You could also try putting up a fake surveillance camera (assuming you can't afford a genuine one); this may dissuade your neighbour from committing crimes on your property.
You could also try the Abe Lincoln method of destroying enemies - befriend him. This is extremely difficult, not because making friends of such people is difficult per se but because it requires an enormous amount of self-discipline and willpower. If this method is to be attempted, try to think what started the trouble. If it was because of something he accused you of, admit to it (even if you were innocent), apologise, and buy him a peace offering. He may continue to fight you because this response from you is likely to come as a complete shock to him; but persist, and smile warmly and genuinely through all your dealings with him. Put a good word around for him. Offer a helping hand whenever possible.
You might want to try to use those closest to him to help you e.g. by asking them if they would help you to repair the relationship; buy *their* help with niceties too if needed.

If you can do it, you'll be a giant among men; and in the meantime, keep your cell-phone handy to catch a record of his bad behaviour!

Money is the one language most of us understand. Make 'em pay for what they've done. Get thee to a civil litigator with experience suing over property torts, i.e. trespass, interference with chattels, etc. Hurry up as limitation statutes preclude lawsuits over incidents usually more than about two years past.

Before you visit mouthpiece, put pen to paper and list each incident the last two years - who, what, where, when, why, how much $$ it cost to repair plus any receipts, witnesses and so on. Bring it to mouthpiece.

You will then have the fun of serving or witnessing service on your neighbor with your hefty statement of claim/prayer for relief for each misdeed. Enjoy!

Wanted dead or alive
For some reason I'm under the impression that he doesn't like your dogs...Mmmm, are they barking at three o'clock in the morning? If not, make sure your neighbors are on your side when you call the police. If he tresspasses on your property tape record his yelling and threats. When he is on your property yelling and you are in fear of your safety, mace his ugly ***! note: It's always better to try to get along with your neighbor even if you don't like their behavior towards you. revenge may come back to bite you.

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