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How can i stop people parking in our private car park?
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How can i stop people parking in our private car park?

We only have 5 spaces in work & it is clearly marked private parking only. The parking spaces are about 1 metre away from my window & people have the audacity to park right outside then walk out of the car park into the dentists next door!! I just glared at a woman doing this 2 minutes ago & she's giving me dirty looks!! There's plenty of spaces on the road but the trafic wardens go up & down. How can i stop people parking in private land? I previously posted notices on peoples windows, am i still allowed to do this? It's really getting to me!
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I've put a sign on her window stating that it is private parking - just in case the dosy cow missed the big one at the car park entrance!
Now all the guys have gone out on messages & i'm scared in case she comes & says anything to me!


Have them towed away. This will stop it post haste.

Call a tow truck and have them hauled away.

leeloo ‚ô•
Put up a sign saying the owner of the property will have cars towed by so-and-so company for this fine, and there will be no warning. It works at my workplace.

post a sign, then have their cars towed, I guarentee they'll never do it again.

Call a tow truck and have them towed.

Get a post put in that you need a key for to let it down

so nobody else can park there

Ask the building manager if they can start having the offenders towed away. That will stop it! Put up a big sign that says "Private parking - violators will be towed" and then follow through. It won't take long for them to get the message.

start charging their cars for parking

? BlueBerry ?
Have them towed away

have them towed

Geaux LSU Tigers!!!
Have a sign that it is private property and any unauthorized cars will be towed.

Samantha S
Put a Violaters will be towed sign.

Put up folding bollards to protect your parking space. Check with the local council on procedures for this, but as it is your own private space and is on your private land, it should be within your rights to protect it.

Mr Fawlty
buy a removable bollard hers is an example below.


clamp them and charge £100 to release them - could be a major income stream by the sounds of it ! You retire and never have to bother about cramped parking spaces again!

I think you're in the UK, so don't "call the tow truck". The simplest way is to block the entrance to your car park - traffic cones will do, or a chain with a padlock would be better. It means all your authorised parkers will need to get out with a key but it will certainly stop the hassle.

Put up another notice that states that all illegally parked vehicles will be towed away. Another notice could display that the car park is for your company name and not the dentist name. Speak to the Dentist and ask them to display a message (prepared by yourself) somewhere clearly visible. Warn them that their patients vehicles will be subject to being towed away if they park in your spaces. It is not unreasonable. In the meantime a polite notice placed under the windscreen wiper of any vehicle not visiting your premises is a reasonable act. Please bear in mind that most of these people just do not know what they are doing they are not being bloody minded.

Sounds like you are in the UK, so it may be different for you. In most places in the US, the owner of the parking lot can display a sign that reads 'Parking by Permit only -- Vehicles without a permit will be towed'. Then you (or the apartment owner) can make permits for the five people who are supposed to park there, and the next time someone else parks there, you can call and have them towed.

If you saw a woman who just parked there and all you did was stare at her, she just thought you were weird. If you want to tell her not to park there, tell her not to park there--don't assume she knows why you are giving her dirty looks.

If you have no such law allowing towing where you are, a little graffiti at the parking area may make people think twice about leaving their car in 'that neighborhood', but I wouldn't recommend it because then you'd be living in 'that neighborhood', even if it isn't as bad as you made it appear.

Northern Lad
Wait untill one of the tossers parks their car in your private car park and then block the exit with your cars.
When he/she asks if the cars can be moved, say:

Sorry the owners have gone for the week and we don`t have the car keys :-)

Or ring the local scrapyard to collect the car.

Or `Clamp` them.

Have a sign made up stating that unauthorized vehicles parking in private spaces will be towed away at owner's expense and list the name and phone number of the local policing agency. This is the legal format required by most state vehicle laws. Tow away a vehicle or two and you will see a marked decrease in illegal parking.

matthew w
Park in there your self

Cheryl S
I would march right over to the dentist's office and explain to them that one of their clients is about to have their car towed. We had a similar problem until we put up the sign that says non-authorized vehicles towed at owner's expense.

Sexy is me b/c Shell is my name
Start getting there cars todd away.

Soup Dragon
Put up a large sign saying "Parking for .......only" Insert the firms name . Also state all unauthorised parking will be issued with a fine and state an amount. If this doesn't stop them call the Police and get them towed away. You are within your rights if it is private land. You could also close it off using a very heavy weightchain and large padlock. This way they'll find it impossible to remove their vehicle with the notices displayed. Also have a word with the dentist next door and tell him to make his parking allocation clear. Then there should be no misunderstanding.

Hope this helps I know the frustration this can cause. We have a small car park and people use it to go and do shopping. I stick very sticky notices on their side windows and believe me they are a real pain to remove but there are warning notices and if they wish to risk it - so be it.

Carry on with the posting of windscreen stickers but buy the type that are really difficult to remove, you know! the type you have to scrape off and tears into little pieces and really make you angry when you try to remove them.

im a resident in a block of flats own by an association,have a problem with one house holder who justed parks /stores his cars on the parking space,association reluctant to say anything what can i do legally on my own.(protest with banner/go to newpapers???) need help really bad am OAP and taking this on on my own,will not give in to this bully

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