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How can you tell the difference between a good person and a bad person?
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How can you tell the difference between a good person and a bad person?



By observation of the chooses that they make and how they treat other people, especially people close to them. A person could be really nice, but beat his wife behind closed doors. Or a person could be sour and cranky, but spend time helping at-risk teens. Everyone has good and bad in them, some more than others.

good and bad don't exist, its all relatively...

By their behavior when interacting with others . Words mean little, if they are not reflected in action.

when you meet any person.. you need to look at him very keenly...
a person at regular intervals comes up with expressions and makes some gestures..
u need to understand them...
no one can help u in making u understangd such expressions and gestuires,,
because some thing what is good acc to u .. can be bad for another

you better learn how to do that quick or you may be headed for a lot of trouble ,a lot can be said by the eyes .if they are waving a gun or a knife and glower at you make a run for it .

Gena *n* GA.
Sometimes it's hard, because some bad people are very good "actors",otherwise they wouldn't be able to do alot of the bad they do.The ones who are bad in the open are frequetly caught, and if its a law issue, arrested. If its just a bad, mean issue, those generally have not many friends,because their bad is easily seen. The "actors" are the dangerous ones. I would say, watch a persons, body language,not looking you in the face, while talking,contradicting themselves,or avoiding the issue, could be sign of someone you shouldn't trust. Look to a persons motives,in situations.Realize,just b/c your honest, doesn't mean everyone else is. Most importantly, dont put yourself, and certianly not your children, in a situation to be left alone, with someone you've not known for a very long time. And I personally dont think you should ever leave little children alone, with men, even if you have known them a long time. If not placed in a situation where anything bad could happen, then nothing bad can happen.[Where I said, little children, with men, I'm not saying all men, I'm saying the majority of.] Please remember, this is only, my opinion.

the bad person is the little guy with horns on your left shoulder and the good person is the little guy with the wings on your right shoulder

A bad person is generaly not very nice, a nice person is generaly nice.

look! no one can ever tell that who is good and who is bad. Its just that wht u think. Shakespeare says "No one is good nor bad...its just wht u think..." so this is the answer...Just be urself and dun are abt anyone..

In this complex world, it all depends on how someone relates to you. A bad person in your opinion could be a good person is someone else's opinion. You really can't make a general judgement. The judgement you make all depends on how to react to someone. You make the determination for yourself.

It takes life experience - being shat on a few times will help you tell the difference.

you can tell by the way they treat others.

Good people are clean shaven. Their evil twins have little goattees.

The only way to tell if a person is good or bad is through observation over time. "Let deeds, not words be your adorning." This is why it is important to know someone IN PERSON for at least a year or two before considering marriage. In the beginning of a relationship, everyone is kind, loving and reasonable. But once you know them more than a year and observe them under stress, you see the real person. None of us is 100% bad or 100% good, anyway. I suppose you just have to decide how much "bad" you can accept.

morals play a huge part in it for me.

I wouldn't split people into good and bad groups. Every average person is both..

Every person has the potential in them to great or terrible things, we all have the abiluity to be good or badd, so its your own decision really.

for example a man steals to feed his family, he had good intentions but the act was wrong.

are you a complete idiot you must be the biggest ******** in the world for asking that question

You judge a person not by what he does when he's in public, but by what he does when he's alone.

A good person Will usury no do anything to heart you. A bad person will try to pick on you and beat you up and stuff.

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