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How do I find out if I am a Florida resident or not?
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How do I find out if I am a Florida resident or not?

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BECAUSE, I know where I live BUT FL is still saying I am aresident AND I am not. THANK YOU!


If you live in florida and have a drivers license or ID card you are a resident, once you establish residency like pay rent, pay utility bills then you are considered a resident.~

If your home aka permanent adress and your current i.d is from florida

Scott K
The issue of residency is actually a matter of intent. Do you consider yourself a resident or not? The problem is that people sometimes have a vested interest in being a resident of one state or another and will merely pretend to be a resident for that purpose. To shortcircuit that problem, states have a list of issues that they use to help determine residency. The most important is where you live. Usually, there is a time issue for things like college tuition where one year of residency is required. Where are you licensed to drive? Where are you registered to vote? Where do you report your income taxes? Where do you perform your occupation?

um you realize what state you live in

honesty hurts
fo to the florida government website and check

Where were you born? That's a start.

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