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How do I get my neighbor to stop harrassing us?
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How do I get my neighbor to stop harrassing us?

My neighbor has called the police on us 4 times, saying my husband is a racist, which he is not, also said he was throwing rocks at her house. The police never believe her, but they don't want to help us. She has tried to sign a warrant on my husband but the police refused to give her his info cause they know she is full of crap. I'm expecting them to come to my door with handcuffs, and i don't want that to happen. SPLC won't help us, the church that owns the house she lives in won't help us, community policing won't help. Somebody somewhere has got to know another avenue we can take. P)lease help, any suggestions would be apprecciated!
Additional Details
We have never had a conversation with this woman, she has called the police on other neighbors as well, all for no reason, we have been here 3 years, she moved in 7 months ago. All this came out of the blue, we have tried to do something about harrassment, but they said it is not harrassment for her to keep calling the police on us. I refuse to move, this is my house. We have cameras set up and have even showed the police. The police know she is lying every time they come out here, but as they said, whenever there is a report they have to investigate. I have been on the phone all morning trying to find a lawyer, they're all busy and i have not gotten even 1 call back. At my wits end.


It's possible you could take her to court for slander, and also libel if she's written down police reports about your (apparent) behaviour. Contact a local legal-aid clinic and ask about taking her to court.

Drink a Monster
Find the root of her hatred toward you and your husband and squash the beef! She must have a problem with you for some reason or another so she will continue lying until whatever it is that is bothering her is settled. You could file a complaint against her for harassing you and possibly get a restraining order against her. Whatever you do, don't retaliate, they won't cuff your husband without serious proof of wrong-doing.

Get an attorney and have him/her draft a letter on their letterhead to this harrasive neighbor asking her to cease and desist her behaviour. This should get the message across that you are not going to tolerate her abusive behavior and are prepared to take legal action.

Of coarse the other option is to move. Don't look at it as your neighbor will "win", but as you are taking a step to improve the quality of your life.

Good Luck!

You can sue for slander and libel. If you have a home owners association than you can also talk to them. Other than that there is not much you can do.

Burn a peace symbol on her lawn.

take their pictures with a camera and video..do not let them see you yet.
I went outside and stood there with two cameras..one still and one video and took their pics..they cam running at me wanting to know what I was doing..I kept the video going..I told them I am document this event..to show what always happens when I am just standing outside and I will bring it to the cops and my attorney if this stuff does not stop..it did stop...after that.
plus set up a few video cameras to document this stuff happening..

plus maybe I think..( listen ) they are selling drugs out of their home..and the FEDS need to be told and no one needs to know who told them..or who you are..
hey I did not say that.
good luck

She obviously has nothing better to do with her time. All I can recommend is to completely ignore her. She is just trying to get a rise out of you. If the police know she is full of crap, then don't worry. As my mom used to say, Kill her with Kindness. She'll eventually give up if she realizes that nothing she does affects you. And it also makes you the better person for not responding to her ignorance.

try a legal service
you can most likely get a court ordered cease & deceast order
not too sure of my spelling
if you can show a pattern
& especially bno action taken by the police as shown by their records
& no justifications for her claims
it will not matter if he is a racist or not as long as it is his private opinion
name calling or rock throwing or constant harrassment by either side
is a no, no
you may even be able to expand it to where she cannot even get within several feet of your house or person
cost a few bucks, but not that much
if money a problem
you can try filing on your own

Dr. Nick
Get security cameras and place them around the side of the house. Then when she says you were throwing rocks at her house, show her the tape. Also if the police don't have any proof that you were throwing rocks at her house you most likely wont be arrested. (And its not illegal to be racist!)

Do they have proof that he did this? Go to the police or call them the next time they start something . this is your only defense....If you see them doing something wrong take a picture or video camera it asap.

First of all, whether your husband is racist or not is irrelevant, it is NOT illegal to be racist (no matter how much the libs want to make it so). Second of all, this lady sounds like a nutter. I recommend writing ALL incidents of contact with this woman: date, time, weather, who was involved, what happened, and what action you took. I would also suggest trying to get some sort of restraining order to prevent her from coming on your property or even starting a conversation. You might want to build a fence. (Fences make good neighbors!). You might also want to invest in some security system/outdoor cameras to record each event as it occurs. I would also ask the police for a copy of every report that has been filed about/against you so that you know exactly what she claims is happening. You might want to consult a lawyer to see what legal options you have. If this continues, it could fall under a stalking law or something.

Do NOT try to talk to her further, this will only incite further action on her part. She is clearly derranged and trying to "talk" out the problem isn't going to help anyone.

I would video every encounter that you have with this woman. It sounds like she has it out for you and your husband and this evidence could come in handy later on. It also might stop her from making false claims.

try to take a private detective to find out things about your neighbor ,like if you don't do anything she is complaining maybe she suffers any delusional psychiatric illness,
or try to make a complain yourself against harassing you
you have rights too you know
or just move in an other place

2 suggestions.

1. (you may not like) Start doing all the things you are accused of, after the accusation. For instance, if they call the police for throwing rocks, then after the police leave, throw some rocks.

2. if you can, get a video camera, and keep it recording on their house, or in the general area where the complaints are. You may want to get a time lapse recorder, so you can leave it run for days. When the police come for another complaint, you can show them the video of the time they said you did something, and the police will see the neighbor is lying. The police can arrest them for filing a false police report, and/or you can take them to court for harrassment.

I suggest filing a formal police report on her and perhaps getting a restraining order.


Malicious prosecution is a CRIME as well as a tort. Go get a lawyer. Explain the situation. Explain your very real fears of being arrested based on a fraudulent claim. Document every incident. Have your attorny send this idiot a letter making clear two things.....lying to the police in an attempt to have someone arrested is both a crime and something you can be sued for. You intend to sue them if they keep it up (useless against people who have nothing) AND you intend to have them thrown in prison if it's bad enough.

There is a two step process you ALWAYS use with problem people. First, you MUST have a stick to use against them. Second, you must make it clear that you will use this stick on them mercilessly unless they go away.

Oh wow, this sounds like a horrible situation. What gave your neighbor the impression that your husband is racist and is taking action against her? It is a shame that you are having to go through this, especially if you all are 100% innocent. Here is what I would do...may not be right, but it is a suggestion. I would go to a neighboring county and talk to the police there. I would explain the situation and ask them for advice as to what you can do. Because they don't personally know you or the other lady involved, they may give you more information as to your rights and how you can handle this. Once you have that information, you can take it back to your local police department, and not ask, but demand help.
Has this lady done anything to you at all? For example, call your home, harass you when your outside, come to your door? I ask because I know for a fact that there are laws against harassment in that type. For example, if you call someone more than two times after you tell them not to call you, you can get them on harassment charges. I really hope this works out for you. Your home is supposed to be your safe place, not a place that you dread to go to because of psycho neighbors. I wish you luck hun.

Anne M
Moving is not an option, is it? So maybe what you need to do is pray that she moves...I had terrible neighbors just a few month ago. They would play their music loud all day and well into the night, curse at my kids and when ever we called the cops they would say that we were crazy. We couldn't really do anything about the name calling and cursing...but when the music went up the cops were called. We were also racist because of that.

Maybe the real question is, what makes a person racist?

The lawyers will get back to you...I really believe she is a case looking for attention. I wouldn't worry about the cops because they know that you are not doing anything before they even get there. Ignore her...she is a problem unto herself.

thro a cabbage at them likte sharon osbourne

check your local yellow pages for a lawyer that welcomes "free initial consultations." Ask him/her about what you can do about the church renting to her allowing this to continue.

also, find out if this situation qualifies for a restraining order against her.

Horrible situation, but here's a few tips. First of all, keep detailed logs of all incidents. The police records department can provide you with a log of all calls for service to your(her) address. This log will detail the nature and outcome of each dispatched call.

Compile the information and apply for "an Injunction Against Harrassment". It may cost less than 20 dollars at your local magistrate court. Let a judge decide. Most likely the Injunction will be temporarily ordered and this individual will have the right to appeal. Ask that they be prohibited from making false reports to the PD or any other public entity ( PD calls are free, so are codes and so on, she may just move on).

Have your day in court. You appear articulate, she appears reactionary. Most likely, she calls when she's having an anger moment and she decides to "blame" someone for her miscontent.

If (and I suspect you will be awarded the Injunction, if you are firm about the waste of public resources) she violates the Order, the state then becomes the victim and she will begin accruing fines and court appearances. Might be more than she ever bargained for.

Good Luck.

Kristie A
I would go and ask her very nicely point blank what she has against your family. If she can't give an answer and keeps on calling the police then I would fill a complaint against her for harassment. It can go both ways and your complaint is real.

If no one is helping you, then just move to a different house.

But, if you're not in the position to do that, just ignore her. Just don't get violent or do anything to retaliate.

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