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How do I sue a person who owes me money?
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How do I sue a person who owes me money?


Blue Eyes loves trolls
get a lawyer

There is no more Law in US... go on... hang him ;-)

Anthony C
I would take it out of their hide

Marissa Di
Small claims court is the place to file for money owed. If it is a great amount, they will direct you from there. Good luck.

Uhm first step...find a lawyer...then he or she will walk you through everything you need to do and know...good luck with all of it...

file a small claims lawsuit.

Spazmodic Reprocussions
How many dollars do they owe you? Where you go depends on how much

go ask a lawyer..

Dallas S
In small claims court. Just down there and get the paper work.

Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocleti
With a Baseball Bat

Go to your county courthouse and file a suit in small claims court or contact an attorney if it is a large amount.

wile e coyote super genius
call them and tell them you are going to sue them, try to negotiate a lower amount, and if that doesn't work let judge joe brown kick his ***.

It depends on how much money.

Call your loal courthouse and ask what the limit of a small claims suit is in your area. Some places, it's $3000 and others it's $5000. It varies.

If what the person owes you falls into that range, then go to the courthouse and file a small claims suit (usually costs around $30 or $50 to file). Gather your evidence and go to court when they tell you to.

If the person owes you more than you can get in small claims, then call a lawyer.

Good luck! :)

Ray R

Go to your nearest court of jurisdiction and file a civil lawsuit. Or call judge Wapner or Judy.

First you have to decide if it's worth the hassle and the money it will cost you to start it up.

My sister owes me $500 but it's not worth the hassle of trying to get it back.

We moved out of a place and were denied our cleaning deposit. My mother in law was a professional maid and helped us clean it up. It would have cost more to try to get the money back than what we were owed.

file a civil suit


Get Pre-Paid Legal. Its about 20 bucks a month. They will send a letter first (that the money needs to be paid) if they don't pay, they go to court. I had to do this and within a week of the letter I got my money!

go to legal aid.

The answer to that question will vary on which Court will have jurisdiction, what grounds you are filing suit under and how much money is owed. The law is going to vary from state to state or country to country. You need to narrow your question down at the very least. You should sit down with a lawyer and discuss your case with them.

hire a lawyer first - they will help you

You have to clarify on "money". It seems like you are talking about small claims court, but there is a limit on the amount. You would need to find out what that limit is. You will have to file for a hearing and make sure you have all the documentation.

Talk to a lawyer or go down to the court house and get the necessary paperwork. I think you might be able to get all of the paper work online also through your state's website. Lastly, if you really want to then you can call or email one of those judge shows and they will do all of the work for you.

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