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How do i find out if my husband filed for divorce and if it was granted?
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How do i find out if my husband filed for divorce and if it was granted?


fairly smart
If he filed & you are the plaintiff, you will be getting a registered letter, or a visit from the sheriff soon. Then you will know. It usually only take a few days max to file.

Big R
When the messenger brings you papers and tells you that "you have been served" !

maybe you should ask him?....

Doc Holiday
The sheriff will deliver a summons to court to you. The you will have a court date and settle things there.

j swiss
I believe anyone can file for divorce, but you (or the other party) has to sign the decree

Will be a public record in the county where he resided. Call the clerk there .

ris c
ask your lawyer - hes getting paid enough!

u get served - you would know
you can check your newspaper also

If your husband has filed for divorce you should've been served with papers. If this hasn't happened you should check with the courthouse to see what he's done. Check with the county hall of records to see if the divorce has been finalized.

Squeeky [Wind Maker]
I don't think it can be granted without you signing it too. I'm not sure though.

sledge h
You would have to go to the county in which you were married and ask to see the marriage records which is not always as easy as it sounds also marriage records are kept in local libraries as well but if he did file for a divorce then papers should be served to you unless you have recently moved and he doesn't know where you are. Good luck

Colonel Obvious AM
You have to sign it, he can't just divorce you unless you are dead or incapacitated physically or mentally.

Dianna D
Easiest way to find out is ask him of course. If you are not able or willing to contact him, search public records in the county in which he resides. It usually takes at least 2 weeks until this public info is listed online depending on what city you search.
1.He can get a divorice without you there.
2.People will not come looking for you to hand you proof.
3. You can most likely find out online - PUBLIC RECORDS search.

You have to be personally served when you are sued for divorce. Then you have to file an answer. The judge can't just grant it unless you were served and defaulted on filing an answer. You would know.

If you are wondering if he filed but just hasn't got you served yet, call the courthouses in the counties where each of you currently are residing.

You have to be served in order for a divorce decree to be issues. Generally these have to be served personally. They can file a petition without your knowledge, but no decree will be issued until you have been served and have a chance to respond. If the service was satified and you failed to respond, a default judgement can be entered. You need to check with the civil court where you live. Asking him is also a good idea. If you dont want to actually speak, then write a letter.

zach m
you find the women hes cheating on you with and ask her

It depends on the state.
Many have websites to check public records,
hopefully your does.
Also some states used post filings in the newspapers.
I dont know if that is still done.

cindy m
first, was it an "non contested" divorce? meaning were there no items, children or property to be divided. have you already signed the divorce decree? you could probably check vital records or at the local county clerk office . they keep a copy of birth, death, marriage and i beleive divorce records as well. for a divorce to be finalized, it could take sometimes up to 6-12 months from the date it was filed. any chances of contacting your ex and see what he knows? good luck

Super PI
Everyone keeps saying that he can't get a divorce without you knowing. That is not true. It depends on what state you live in.

Your best best to knowing would be going to the courts where he lives or lived during the period you speculate he filed for divorce.

In the state of Virginia a person can get a divorce without the person ever finding out. This is completely legal. They call this divorce by publication.

Pick up a local newspaper go to the legal notices and you will see tons of publications.

If you ad details and what state you live in I could be more specific.


ive heard on the grapevine that my husbands female friend has took my id had it all photocopyed and on line inportugueese laws got use divorced over internet i think the portugueese will do a divorce just with my signature which she has all my personal details this is fun to her as she dislikes me and i have recently had a brakedown due to stress im desperate to find out if its true or just a way of making my mental state of mind worse please help

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