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How do you stop Neighbours spying on you?
Find answers to your legal question.

How do you stop Neighbours spying on you?

i don't want to use a camera as i don't think this is the answer but i am sick of looking out of my window, in the kitchen, whilst cooking, to see my next door neighbour peering in from his kitchen window. Its got so bad i can even see him looking in my window when he is out side. There must be other ways? have you suffered like me? how did you cope?


Al Mac Wheel
Install blinds, curtains etc. in your windows, so you do not advertise to the world what you are doing.

It is not spying when someone looks in a window that has no blockage of view.

You can spend extra $ for a one way mirror. This way you can see out the windows but other people cannot see in.

If you have a computer with wireless.
It can be setup so that anyone can access it to do what they please, including you welcoming criminal activity that you can be held liable for.
Or you can set it up with wireless security so that only you and authorized members of your family may use it.
The choice is yours.

Why do you suppose bathrooms have frosted glass in the windows? It is to let sunlight out but permit people to be in the bathroom naked without getting arrested for indecent exposure.

Curtains. Close them.

Problem solved.

Samantha W
report him to local authorities

id politely go out and ask him if there was anything he wanted!?!
im sure that would soon put him in his box.. nosy git!!

Exiled Mainer
Maybe the next time he is peering in your window, very obviously take a photo of him doing it (from the inside). He may get the message very quickly.

If that doesn't seem to work, call your local police (non-emergency number) and ask them if there is anything that can be done.

Curtains is the best way.
Also, when you find him looking at you, don't look away. Look back at him straight in the eyes.

Of course you can switch to shades or curtains and keep them closed until your neighbor dies of boredom.
I live in a very rural area, and I still use blinds. As a city girl I'm used to them and you never know who is in the woods with binoculars.

James M
I have the stragest feeling that they may be thinking the same thing about you

not u again
mini blinds. or just tell him to stop if he doesn't then call the cops

Half Pint
When he's looking, pretend to call the cops and point at him as your talking! He'll realise that he's been sussed out! We had the same problem, it worked for us lol

it's why i just hate those cooke cutter subdivision these houses are build on today they are to close to each other. i am just assuming you live in one of these places .. all that you can do is put up indoor blind . or some type of trees or grass out side to blind these peoples from looking into your home . i don't see any laws being broken here good luck with that

a sweet firecracker hinding in his favorate peeking spot should a rttle him up a bit lol

Try waving or asking him what he wants. Hopefully you can embarrass him into minding his own business. If you really have to, you can call the police. If you glance at a house while you're walking your dog, you may see someone doing dishes or walking by a window....this is acceptable. Peering into someones home to see what they're doing is not and you should not have to close your curtains all the time when he's the one doing wrong.

I have very nosey neighbours that i have put up a fence and i just keep my curtains closed. I think they are so sad that they havent got a life.

Loony Left
Make them all wear specs like mine, then they wouldn't be able to see you.

well if i were you i`d have smashed his face in by now!!!!

Why would they spy on you? There must be a reason why there are doing it.

ignore it, unless it gets big.

Gate, Fence, tree...some ideas oh curtains of course. But you could do something really disgusting to make him never look again.

How about moving?

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