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How long can you go to jail for owing 800 hundred dollars child support?
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How long can you go to jail for owing 800 hundred dollars child support?

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im in chicago


Generally that falls in contempt of court and will, in most jurisdictions, garnish you up to 30 days in jail. Then you get to get out and another opportunity to make it current. When you don't, then you are again in contempt of court and face more of the court's wrath.
You do NOT go to jail (in most jurisdictions) for not paying child support, you go to jail for not doing what the Judge ordered you to do (which is pay child support). I realize that sounds like a word game, but it is how the law generally works!

In my jurisdiction in Texas you will go to jail until you pay the $800, the child support that accumulates while you are in jail, and all the court costs, etc. associated with putting you in jail.

My friends ex was put in jail over $1500 and was there for 6 months.

Laws vary from state to state, but the nationwide crackdown on "deadbeat dads" will ensure that you do some time when they catch up to you.

Best advice: pay the child support.

Did you ever hear of "pay the child support", so your kid can have a nice life. You are a "real" dad, you are. Somebody to be proud of. Yes, Sir. Just worried about going to jail, are you? What about your baby's needs?

Doesn't seem to me that It'd make sense to put someone in jail for not paying childsupport- I mean, if you had difficulties before, it'll be impossible while in jail!

Chances are slim you'de go to jail for that small amount.

Another Deadbeat Dad.
Get a job.

depends on where you are

You'll save a lot more money in the long run by just paying the child support you owe. If you haven't paid the $800 and it keeps accumulating, it will depend upon the judge that hears your case.
Regardless of how much jail time you do, you will still owe child support when you get out of jail.

I don't think you will go to jail unless you continue to not pay. Be a man and take care of your bills! Don't be a deadbeat Dad.

twenty years if I were the judge

Kizz muh Sweet Cheekz
its more then that to even get someone put into jail...

a very very very long time.... only joking dude...
contact the courts... "oh yeah" dont tell them who are you....lol..
good luck dude..

LIFE!!!!!!!!! DEADBEAT!!!!!!!! They're your children, don't you think you have a responsibility?? The taxpayers didn't force you to have them so why should we pay for your actions?
Next time use your brain atop your shoulders for thinking purposes!

Lil' Dog
You really need to simply pay it. If you have children, you MUST take the responsibility. You don't have to still be with their mother, but they are yours for life.

If you have been ordered to pay child support and you haven't, and the court has found you in contempt for not following the order, then you will stay in jail until you pay the money.

It depends on the state. If you owe the $800 why don't you just pay it? Not only does your child deserve your support - it would cost you much more in terms of lost wages, public embarrassment etc. to do the jail time. A lot of employers will fire you for that offense and it can keep you from getting jobs. Employers do not want to mess with having an employee's wages garnished and the paperwork required to do it and submit it to the court. Just own up to your responsibilities. This can follow you around for some time if you don't take care of it.

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