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How long do I have to wait before filing a missing persons report for a child who is 6?
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How long do I have to wait before filing a missing persons report for a child who is 6?

A kid I know lost his brother and they want to report it to the police.


Call immediately after checking the dwelling, and immediate surrounding area closely. Children have a tendency to hide.

Mike K
report it immediately

Michael C

The idea that you have to wait 24 or 48 hours before reporting a missing person is an artifact of TV and movies. You do not need to wait and you should not wait. Every minute counts with a missing person.

Marcie E
Call now! The sooner you call the better the outcome!
Good luck, I will pray for you!

If the child is missing report it NOW.

IMMEDIATELY call 911 to report a missing child.

The longer you wait, the less chance they have of ever finding him.


The moment you are sure the child is missing

NOW dont wait

Please , don't wait, go to the police immediately-

NOW NOW NOW, the sooner you report a missing child, the sooner you will find the child. Upon reporting it, around here in Michigan they put up an AMBER ALERT that goes across all the wires, TV stations, radio stations so people can be aware and actually help in looking for that child.


There is no waiting time when it's a child.

He's 6
do it now

Don't wait. Notify authorities now even if you are not 100% sure. Law enforcement can help you more and faster if you let them know right away.

uhhh dont wait at all

I "lost" my 4 year old daughter years ago and after going to all the local friends house and turned up nothing I called the police, they started a phone tree which started calling all the neighbors that surrounded my house and we found her at a neighbors I had never met and didn't think to have her check in at home. So I do believe you should call as soon as you have exhausted all other avenues.

Immediately, that 24 or 48 hour thing you hear about is a tv myth. Call the police now.

For someone who is 6 report it the instant that you realize his whereabouts is unknown and are reasonably sure that no one who normally cares for him has him. They say with a missing person the first 24 hours are gold but after that the possible good outcomes become less and less likely. Report his name, age, where he was last known to be and with whom and provide the authorities with a current picture if possible as well as a description of what he was wearing and any information as to domestic situations that could have led to his disappearance (such as custody disputes or pending divorces etc.). The more the authorities have to go on then the easier it is to get an Amber Alert issued.

At that age there is no time limit, do it now.

helllllloooo i would've already gone. whats wrong with this picture. you should be at the police department right now, not asking that question on the computer

Sandra M
Okay WHY HASN'T IT ALREADY BEEN REPORTED. I think they are now saying that children that are missing are different than adults that are missing and that they want it reported immediately so that they can issue an Amber Alert, and I don't know if you have been paying attention or not but by issuing the Amber Alert they have found and saved a few children this year.

who should not wait contact them now

2 seconds...are you kidding?????

Most immediately if not sooner

Absolutely do it immediately! Detectives who handle these kinds of cases say that the sooner the report is made, the better the chances are for a recovery.

And, if the police agency you're reporting to won't cooperate, go to the chief, the FBI, your local politicians. Anyone who can force an immediate search.

Do not lose a second! Report it NOW!

Two weeks

Joseph, II
Long enough to check every room in their House. If the Kid isn't There, - call the Police! :0

thomas p
Ask the police to process the missing child as an "Amber Alert" case. Pick the police department that has somebody who will get on it. 911. Get a patient member of family and as for a supervisor when the first dumb question like "is he a good student" is asked by these Keystone Cops.

REPORT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you DON'T wait

you call 911 right away.

what the heck is the holdup? get on the phone! police should already be on this.

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