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How much does it cost, on average, a state to hold one person in prison per year.?
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How much does it cost, on average, a state to hold one person in prison per year.?

How much, on average, does a prison inmate cost a state each year? not counting maximum security.


On average it runs in the vicinity of $36,000. This for an inmate without any problems who is healthy. Currently however with the Federal Court mandates such as Coleman, Plata, Armstrong and so forth, the cost is going through the roof and there is NO FINANCIAL CAP!

Inmates receive far better medical care than the vast majority of those in the public. Can you be seen in 30 minutes or less when you get sick? They are. No, you have to make an appointment and hope you can get in within 3 days or less. You can thank the courts for this.

Doctors who work within the prison systems are for the most part a waste of money. They are extremely reluctant to make a determination on diagnosis and treatment of an inmate for fear of being sued. Inmates strive to litigate against the state. Consequently inmates are referred to external hospitals to pass off the liability.

It is not uncommon for an inmate to be transported via ambulance to an outside hospital for such simple things as, dislocated finger, trouble breathing caused by seasonal allergies, stomach ache, sutures, or even transported out to a hospital 3 hours away for a simple blood draw. All because medical staff will not do the job they were hired for because they fear being sued. And you the tax payer pay for it. Yet, do nothing to stop it! You just complain about how much the state is spending on the prison system.

Address the mental health program of the prison system; Mental health can escalate the cost of an inmate to over $250,000 per year, easily! Pharmaceutical companies and the psych community love this. It's job protection for them. The more inmates they can get on "hot med's" the greater justification they mutually have for existence and proliferation within the prison system. This imposes phenomenal cost against the state. Whats alarming about this, the primary goal of treating a mental health inmate Is Not to find a cure for his/her mental illness, but to stabilize them for the purpose of behavioral management.

Seriously, if you were incarcerated, do you think you might endure a little mental stress? Do you think you might be just a little pissed off, experience depression now and then? If so, you qualify to be one of the $250,000 recipients in expenditure.

Let's face it. The average inmate has mental issues and problems to begin with. Be it they shot their body out from slamming dope -- ruining their internal organs, or induced Schizoid affective disorders from it. Then you have the inmates who grew up with sociological adjustment/behavior disorders...your typical sociopath, rapist and so on. They are what they are and neither you or I can change them. They're a money pit of never ending cost. A burden on society.

The average costs annually are approximately $20,000, (low end.) Figures of course vary state to state, as well as, state versus federal.

Here is an example and breakdowns.


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