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How much does it cost to bribe a police officer in the UK?
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How much does it cost to bribe a police officer in the UK?


Crystal Blue Persuasion
10 quid

Don't know, but in Mexico, real cheap,,,,,,,,

Not much. The best person to ask is Tony Blair, He had a visit from the police recently & they left without taking him with them.

Miss RoZy
I would hope you could not.
After spending time in Jamaica (Kingston) seeing how corrupt the police are there It made me realise just how fortunate we are in UK. Unfortunately there are a few who like to come to our country and ruin things for us.

Charlie S
Don't know about the UK , but in the US a box of Dunkin Donuts will od the trick ;-)

3-6 months

Lady Claire of Current Events
Why would you need to???

ஐ♥PinkBoo - TTC #1♥ஐ
It will cost you going to prison for bribery....

£20 is the most I've spent mate. It saved me £60.

Gone Fishing
You'd have to find one first.

david g
I hope to God u never can, so the answer is YOU CANNOT

Some chips (french fries) wrapped in a dirty old newspaper.

A Bloke
Depends on where abouts you are in the Country. If you're in the South, you may get away with just a slapped wrist. If you're in the North, dependant on the force they may just give you a kicking or they may give you a kicking and take your money. That's pretty much the cost.

Only knew one person who tried and he got 6 months for his first ever offence,why dont you try it?

I've found it depends on how drunk he is at the time

no idea, even though I am Italian and I should know this kind of staff....
By the way....what have you done???

Tell him silver or lead.

life in prison

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