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How much does it cost to keep someone in prison?
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How much does it cost to keep someone in prison?

Just wondering if it would not be better to give more fines and community service instead. I am just waiting for sentencing and have lost my job because of it and now it will cost more if I'm in prison when they could make money if they gave me a fine and made me work it off.


Averages 35,000 per year or so.
It is pretty dumb, that they don't do more like you say.

Stinkbug B
They say 20-30,000 dollars a year, I could do it for a fraction of that. Remember they get free Health Care in Prison

depends on the state but it could be up to $68,000 a year.

too much!

$36,000 a year. I found it stated somewhere in the New York Times.

I think that it is around $40,000. I think that it is around $1,000,000 to keep someone on death row.

ryan d
a lot more than it's worth, in many cases. then again, i guess it costs less than it's worth, when it comes to certain guys.

lazy student
30k avergae

over 50k if ur special

depends on the prison here in arizona we have tent city in which they all live outside. They make theyre own food etc.

why the fines noone pays them and community service what a joke

In most states, it's about 35-40K per year.

In Maricopa County, AZ though it is considerably less.



Most (58.5%) of the daily cost to incarcerate an inmate in a major prison is spent on security, followed by 21.8% for medical services. The remaining 20% is spent on feeding, clothing and educating inmates, and some administrative issues.

Cost of Imprisonment:
$52.06 Per Day/ $19,002 Per Year

Scotty Doesnt Know
In 2004, it was slightly more than $63 per day.

Supervision without incarceration is a much less costly alternative if the court a) doesn't think you're a threat to society or yourself; and b) isn't required to sentence you to prison by federal or state statute.

the man the myth the answerer
I actually think it cost more to put people in jail but they believe you will learn a better lesson by being placed in jail rather then doing community serivice and paying a fine

It costs a LOT LESS than they bill the state for...I supported a family, had a boat, two cars, two motorcycles, a house and paid all my bills on less than 34,000 a year! Now tell me it costs 35 to 40 thou. a year to house an inmate!

too much...shoot em all!! haha (only joking)

Depends surely what your crime was?

Gerry Atrix
Much more than a disability pension.

30 thousand a year

2296 buks a month
574 buks a week
82 buks a day
3 buks a hour

you are prity right man . but its not all about money they dont want you to do the same crim again so they punish .

ask them what if you just give them 82 buks a day and not go at all lol

Send them to Saudi Arabia! They'll know how to properly handle them (No cable tv, that's for sure!)

For none violent offenders I agree.... None violent offenders shouldn't chew up jail space when they could be out in society working and helping. On the other hand, violent people should be dealt with harshly, very harshly. A rope is cheaper than jail space no matter what nation your walking around in.

Master Yoda
The average cost is about 16,000 dollars per year adjust for inflation.

you shouldn't of broken the law... did you kill someone?

ξήĢŁĭŞĦ ŗǾşξ ©® ღஐღ
too much .. bring back capital punishment ..empty the prisons

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