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How much prison time should this juvenile gang member get for murder?
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How much prison time should this juvenile gang member get for murder?

How much prison time should this 16 year gang member get for murder? He had shot and killed a man in his late 30s and he was part of a rival gang.

I was waiting for the bus to go back home within an hour after the gang shooting took place and the location of the gang shooting was within a mile of the bus stop, at the time of the murder I was at a town that was located across the river from the murder scene.


Songbyrd JPA ‚ú° Jewish Lawyer
25 to life in prison.

Bitches be crazy, you know that!
First of all, he should be tried as an adult. And I think he should get 20 - 30 years.

Why would I care where you were?

carol h
Hi Into_the,

Whatever the law allows and plenty of it, no should kill anyone. No one is above the law, but in some cases people do believe that. It is a good thing thing you were in the place you wereat. You never know these days, the world today is getting so bad, on just about every level. That is reality and it bites, but it is what is and you take the good with the bad. That is how keep a balance and survive in hard times, no matter what is going on.

A minimum mandatory of 25 years in prison, he really screwed his life up by joining a gang, I can understand how it feels being in an area close by to a shooting.

I think the 16 year old should get life sentence with no possibilities of parole they shouldn't be lenient on him just because he is a kid. I'm sure he knew what he was doing when he killed that man and he should pay the price.


10 yrs

He should get life.

He's actually doing a public service, get him behind bars and take out another gang member.

Around 10 years.

unless he is tried as an adult, he should serve 1 year and change until he turns 18. if he is tried as an adult life without parole

juvenile or not .... a life for a life .... lethal injection will rehabilitate him ..... if you are too queasy to do it .... let me

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