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How much right does a girl have to have an abortion without the baby's father's consent?
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How much right does a girl have to have an abortion without the baby's father's consent?

Can the father take legal action against the mother if she chooses to have an abortion without his consent?


I honestly believe the girl doesn't have that right unless she has his consent. I know it is her body but it is also his baby as well!

He could try. What's done is done, but if I were in his shoes I would IMMEDIATELY drop her like a hot potato

No he cannot. It is legally up to the mother. Seems unfair to me, though. But who am I to judge, I am totally against abortion regardless....


THATS MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DEMORALIZED FOOL!!!!!!!

You don't have any rights to kill that baby, with or without fathers consent... You should hear "Happy Birthday" from Flypside,before you do anything...

Currently by law the father has no say or input.
If you are asking about ethics, or what is right,
then that is different.

She has every right. Legally the father has no input.

some polisci major
It all depends on which state you live in.

Some states force a woman to have the fathers permission.

Some states are enlightened enough to let the woman make up her own mind.

I believe that it is up to the mother and no laws giving the father the right unless they are married, I seem to remember watching an episode of law and order in which that topic was touched upon

no he can not.

Morally, abortionis murder. Period.

Legall, he doesn't have a legal leg to stand on.

if you've never been pregnant and or don't have children, you have no right legally or morally to answer!! Report that!

bad to get rid of babay

The father has no say so!

I don't think that they can do anything legally but nothing stops the father from trying. I personally feel that it is solely up to the woman on the abortion issue. When men can physically go through a pregnancy and deal with all the risks involved with a pregnancy, then maybe they can have a say in an abortion. Until then TFB for them. If it was me and I knew for certain that I wasn't ready, I would go through with the abortion and not say anything to the father until after the fact. I would take extra precautions in the future to not get pregnant until I could deal with all responsibilities of having a baby.

U HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE ANOTHER PERSON'S LIFE!! If u didn't want the baby, u should of used protection.If u do it u'll have to live with that for the rest of ur life. Think about that a lot. Maybe u should watch an abortion movie, u'll see the whole process. I watched it and trust me abortion is not the answer. and also u might get an infection.

That's kind of a moral choice she has to make on her own...
many would say once pregnancy starts, it's best to carry the pregnancy to term. Others would say it's her choice, her body etc....decisions, decisions, best time to make em is before pregnancy happens...

hot l
Father or mother..... Abortion is not at all allowed.. its prohibited

prom queen
Its your body. He can try to take legal action but depends on where you live. If in UK, nothing will happen. Check with him first and decide if this is really what you want

♥ ~*Angela*~ ♥
even though I'm a woman, i feel that a man is just as responsible for the baby, so he should have SOME say. woman like to hold it against them when the child is Born, saying: i didn't make it on my own, so i won support it on my own. well this time its the same with abortion; you didn't make it on your own, and you wont make the decision of abortion on your own

Ethically, it's the mother's choice. Legally, the father does have some rights in some states.

deponds on the state.

She needs no one's consent (unless she's a minor in some states) for an abortion.

Dyetanya W
Some states require a husband and wife to both consent to the abortion. But a single adult female could consider the father's feelings only if they want to continue to be with that person after the abortion. I had an abortion when I was 15. I didn't tell the father I was pregnant so no harm no foul.

Well it is the womans body not the mans, so she should have control over her body. In the end she is the one who has to go through the pregnancy and child birth, and then after all that maybe the man does not want it. I think a womans right to choose is important and a basic democratic right.

if he really wanted to try hed have to hire a pretty damn good lawyer which is expensive. I know this sounds horrible, but to the court system, an unborn fetus isnt considered a person, there fore it has no human rights. Its your decision...think about it, if a girl got raped and didnt know who the father was....how could she get his consent??

He has no legal right at all. Until that baby is born, he has no legal claim whatsoever. It's the woman's right to choose. Not the mans.

V@$h_X 3
actually for me no woman on earth has the right to do abortion think of the child it has life to it is a sin against nature a sin against God so for me because i am a Cristian after all it is not right to have an abortion.

I'm sorry if this offended you....

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