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I'm a drop out in California, do I need a work permit?
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I'm a drop out in California, do I need a work permit?

I'm 17 years of age, I just moved to Los Angeles and I am not able to go to High School at the moment because I need to work to keep my self stable and not live in the streets. My GPA is 3.5, I did what I had to do :(.

I'm on my way to get my GED, and I just got hired as a Manager in West Hollywood, do I need to get a work permit?
Additional Details
haha, no.
I moved from Chicago, I've been on my own since I was 16. Family death occurred and drove the family apart :(


Big PandaBear
In california, you do not need a worker's permit unless you are 16 years of age or younger. However, if you are not 18 years old, you can't operate certain machinery and can't work late nights at a certain hour.

Good luck

I guess the best person to ask is your employer.
But you already got hired so it shouldn't be much of a problem, just tell them your situation.

are you an illegal alien?

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