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I fell at a store what should i do?
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I fell at a store what should i do?

i fell at a retail store today. i was walking down one of there food aisle and slipped and landed on my left knee.there was no spill there or signs. but the spot i slipped in was kind of a slick greece spot. i did kind of a split. i did go back and talked to the manager and filled out a report. they said the insurance company will be calling me. i will be going to the doctor tomorrow for some x-rays to make sure nothing was torn. what would happen? would they give me money to be quiet about it? i don't think i am able to sue. i don't think i will need surgery. its just in really bad pain. swollen and stiff. i live in new york. anyone with advice?


Who aren't you?
Wait until the insurance company calls you.

Answer their questions, but don't get tricked into saying something was your own fault, as it was the fault of the spill.

They will likely have some process of giving you compensation for your medical bills once they deem your claim to be genuine. You did go through the proper procedure for filing a report of the incident so it's in the store's records that it happened.

So just wait, see what the insurance company says, but don't say anything that it was your fault or it the injury wasn't 100% based on the fall.

Have the store reimburse you for any medical expenses you incur because of the fall and be done with it.

Consult legal counsel. Some states have limited liability in slip and fall accidents.

Since you fell on their property, you're entitled to sue them, and be reinbursed for pain and medical bills.

Good Luck:)

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